Top 10 Things Wrong with Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2 is a GREAT game don't get me wrong but there are just a few things wrong with it.

The Top Ten

1 Chokers

the game even says you can kill him behind but all you do is throw a punch and he has you - mgsfan

2 Shotguns

it bothers me how talentless players kill me with the shotgun when I can even see them behind me... but I never use the riot shield, when you cover yourself and still get killed its lagg, the bad spawns are just bad luck, the only ones who have problems with pulls and kick offs are the ones who can't use them, the story really should end and the chokers are just annoying and you need to stay away from them, I don't play co-op though - suarez44

they give people two much health so they always have enough time to 1 shot kill you - mgsfan

3 Lobby

takes about 3 minutes just to start 1 match - mgsfan

4 Riot Shield

gives no explosive resistence whatsoever - mgsfan

5 Grenade Launcher

whoever gets it first always get an early lead - mgsfan

6 Weapons

they need more for more stradegy - mgsfan

7 Cover

a few times you go to take cover it ends up killing you - mgsfan

8 Story

it had an ending thats the ONLY thing wrong with it - mgsfan

9 Spawning

they could spawn right in the middle of a gun fight or somewhere behind you - mgsfan

10 Pull and Kick Offs

I don't have a problem with this but I'm sure a lot of others do - mgsfan

The Contenders

11 Graphics Over Gameplay
12 Bullet Sponge Bosses
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