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Media is biased. This is a well known fact all over the world. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that bias may be getting in the way of the common man’s view. Bias in the media is affecting the view of the general public and it needs to be stopped. This is due to statistical evidence, a collection of opinions from a random community, and various editorial cartoons.

One way biased media affects public opinion is through statistical evidence. A study by Inquisitr shows that NBC is the most Democratic-biased network in the news. As a result, 59% of those viewers are Democratic (as of 2006). Fox News was the most was the most Republican leaning network. It got a 63% Republic affiliation in it’s viewers. In addition, Fox also had the highest amount of Conservative viewers (as of 2006). This shows that media bias affects public opinion because if two of the most watched networks have high biases and it gets reflected into their viewers, then that wouldn’t be good.

Another way media bias affects popular vote is by blurring the vision of the voter. I stumbled upon a random community at a local JCC and took a survey. I asked them if they watched the news and to explain their opinion on President Trump. Due to the media making some of his policies controversial, lots of people started bandwagon and said they didn’t like him. Knowing of the bias, also affected the vote of a person. He/She said that due to the media being biased, a clear opinion could not have been made. That is another way biased media affects popular vote.

A third way media is biased is through biased bias. What this means, is when the news actually tries to acknowledge bias in the media it’s always a bias towards conservatives by exposing liberal bias. An example of this is through the Washington post. A reporter went through some of the most common media biases. However, they were all Liberal bias examples. Despite the fact that Fox News, one of the most watched news networks on American television, has a Republican bias, they just chose the generic CNN stereotype bias. In addition, Trump claims the meda is biased towards him. That in itself, inspires many biased articles describing is “madness”. This puts even more bias into the equation, which brings out an even bigger problem. That can influence the public opinion because with all of the media being biased negatively towards Trump, the people might stop trusting Hillary for reasons that can go both ways.

I accept the fact that some people might say that because of the 1 st amendment being a thing, the news should be allowed to report positive or negative coverage. In reality, however, the news should be reporting facts. However, with reporters adding connotation to their stories and headlines, the fact int the story turns into opinion, and that isn’t press, it’s a ½ page article of things that aren’t informative, but persuasive, and not always true. Thus the fact amendment is not an accessible defense for the lies manipulating the minds of the common folk.

So, to conclude, bias in the media Is not ok because it has influence on the vote of the common folk. It gives unfair advantages to sides in an election, making the Democracy in a way which is rigged. Don’t trust the media at all times--- it may not be true.

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Sorry about the paragraph thing not working, the blogger system on this site tends to not do a lot of things. - ProPanda

I agree, my history teacher pointed out that all news is bias. However, I personally believe that CNN is the most liberally biased, and brietbart is the most conservative biased(by the way, I dislike beitebart because they're alt right, and while I'm very conservative, a lot of alt rights are nut jobs).

Also, I just wanted to mention something I found: Americans believe trump is more truthful than the news media. Make of that what you will. - Therandom

You need to know the alt-lite people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Joseph Watson, who are a breakaway group from the supremacist alt-right. I enjoy Breitbart to be honest - visitor

Media from here on out will always be biased. This is because independent creators on the internet have no interest in getting access or privileges from government elites like the corporate media does. Personally, I have both left and right leaning sources I look at to get the full perspective on my news. Also, we shouldn't ignore biased online media sources as well such as Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. - ryansliao

I think that if you know GMA7 in my country, you'd say that they're the only politically unbiased media source - visitor

Depends on who controls the media actually - TwilightKitsune