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41 They Don't Admit What They Had Done Wrong In the World

Yes absolutely there always pointing the finger at everyone else remembering what everyone else did ( yes some of these things were kinda bad) saying oh your a Nazis, oh your a terrorist just STOP! If you were actually a good person you would forgive I'm not saying you need to forget just forgive and what about you when you had all those slaves when tortured those people

We've done terrible things and we're just too cowardly to admit them. - Metalhead1997

A lot of other nations don't want to admit their faults either - NuMetalManiak

Go break your tooth on a banana

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42 Government More Powerful Than People

Not to mention, the people FEAR the government. It needs to be the other way around! When the government fears the people, then America will have true freedom.

The government gives money to the rich and none to those who need it!

You think that's just in the United States? I don't know a single country that isn't that way.

And it's gotten WAY out of hand ever since 9/11. - Metalhead1997

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43 Greed

I'm so surprised this isn't higher on the list. When the Apple corporation has twice as much cash in its reserves than the us government, we have a problem.

Actually it's not our problem, it's the WORLD'S problem. - Metalhead1997

44 No One Cares About Each Other

These people can be so cruel and it's ridiculous that there is barely this problem in other countries

What!?!? NO ONE!?!?! I'm from America (I'm embarrassed to say it, but yes, not my fault! ) and all my friends and family care about each other!

Go stick your head in a toaster

Yes other things are people are quick to Biully other people I was the one standing up to bully's on
My handicapped friends behalf. You can never control another person- implanting people with computer chips is too risky it will malfunction and people will become super out of control- if people are violent toward tou in a society that focuses on promoting drug use gun use married sex (Craigslist) how due seem normal, how do you attend college when the teachers are having sex with students and everything is corrupt- you can't people will bully you you won't fit in Doing things the God wanted it- one wife- no cheating no breaking the law- bible verse"submit to all law ans govermnern I'll take care of the rest" back of the dollar bill, "in God we trust" there are crooked police politics and mug more -- but there's also very honest and very good ones who want the best for us Americans and we all hope the good one isn't too far from office- James picuri

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45 Hitchhicking

I did a lot of hitch hiking and from my experience its not people picking up hitch hikers that are in danger it the hitch hiker that is most vulnerable. One time I got into a car the guy was drunk and was hitting speeds of 100+ and side swiped another car coming the opposite direction not to mention all the dope you get offered

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46 Nationalism
47 They Have the Worst Kind of Video Games

I used to play Grand Theft Auto just to drive around. That was when I was 7. Then I smartened up, and now, 7 years later, I don't go anywhere near that kind of game.

Yes it influences our younger society into violence drug use and sex--- well agreed

The worst video-game is Modern warfare 2.

This comment is made by the guy who brought you the Grand Theft Auto Comment.

The ABSOLUTE WORST game I play is Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. And it isn't anywhere near the inappropriate level of Grand Theft Auto or Modern Warfare 2.

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48 Illegal Immigrants

Mexicans come to the USA because there are jobs which American do not want to do for the hours, physical effort required, or low pay. The problem would be solved by bring back the Bracero program like President Bush Jr once proposed. It will not be solved by a wall.

My cousin is a Mexican... But she was born in America

Americans hate them to

People south of the border want to eat and make a better life for themselves its all based on that and they don't care if they have to do it illegaly and spread propaganda its not about anything than their stomachs.. its an invasion period and they know it they want your goodies and they're gonna take it and fly the Mexican flag in your face and pump up volume on ranchera music in traffic like you liv e in some forieng country it used never to be like this L.A. California is lost

49 The President

We talkin Bush or Obama here... hell, both are pretty bad presidents.

p. s. I think that if you take another's life yours should be taken if in an extreme circumstance... Hamurabi's Code people. - fireinside96

To the one who said both Bush and Obama are bad presidents---you're half right. Actually, any unbiased ranking of presidents (forget these sites, they're full of trolls) will show you that it's not even comparable. Obama will go down in history as not only the first African-American president, but also the one who started national health care, reached an arms deal with Iran, started a coalition against climate change, normalized relations with Cuba, and killed Osama bin Laden. Bush will be remembered for the Iraq War and 9/11. I'd say there's a bit of a difference, wouldn't you?

I really think that if any of us were presidents we would be worst than bush or obama and they aren't that bad do you know what stress and hard work it's to be president I don't think so

Depends on which one. - Metalhead1997

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50 Too Many Youtubers

YouTube is amazing!

I agree with this there are to many kids playing Pokemon and retarded YouTubers that play some stupid video games

If you don't like YouTube, then don't watch YouTube you fool

YouTube was founded here, so yeah. - Metalhead1997

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51 Lack of Tolerance for Other's Opinions

I know some Russians, Czechs, and English people who are far, FAR less tolerant of any American ideals, even the ones that are decent. When faced with the truth, these types of people respond with stupid memes and dodge the truth entirely. - NuMetalManiak

We're so hypocritical. Example:

American: "Hi, friend! Welcome to America! I'll accept you no matter what! "
Person: "I'm atheist."
American: "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU HERETIC! " - Metalhead1997

52 Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2016 election.

I am just so glad Hillary didn't get in. Because if she did, she would start dropping nuclear bombs. She would increase tensions between the US and Russia. I think Donald Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton. - ThePwoperMuser101

This is a dangerous woman.

Please save our country Hillary from the evil Trump

This is the wprt election of the century. trum and Hillary are both bad. what is the u s coming to

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53 Too Much Fast Food

McDonald is a rich company because of our fatness

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54 They Have Weird and Inappropriate Laws

True, they banned Kinder eggs and Crazy sour skittles for no reason. There is this stupid law in a state that you need neighbours permission to have a bath and use a fridge - Harri666

In Ohio a fish can't have alcohol - luke2000

Other nations have worse laws than the US. How come you can't chew gum in Singapore for example? - NuMetalManiak

Bestiality is legal in a handful of states and where it was made illegal, its still considered a less serious crime, disgusting!

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55 Corruption

Corporate corruption is probably one of the biggest problems this world faces.

56 Women Not Getting Paid As Much As Men

I agree, global warming is happening, and we must stop it, somehow the entire world needs to work as a team to build turbines, solar panels, and place them in the best places to power the entire world with eco friendly stuff, also everything needs to be recyclable, in the uk, 53% of stuff is recyclable. - Harri666

It's 2009, why is it taking so long?

Obama, we don't need to pay attention to death penalties! Women should get the same amount of money for their jobs! - kaitlynrad11

Which is still evident because of the sexism here. - Metalhead1997

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57 Michael Moore

He thinks people care about him.

He opens my eyes to see the truth. He is a hero.

58 Gun Control

I think we need more gun control. Some people don't care if they're shot, so long as they take others down with them. How's a gun going to help you then? We could avoid all these mass shootings with fewer guns. Just look at Australia and Canada.

The United States government has become too strict on gun control. Saying that guns are dangerous and only take lives. For instance witch bank are you going to rob the one where every one has a gun or the one where every one is empty handed and wait the twenty mins for the police to come and help them and the shot dead person because he could not defend himself.

We have th right to have guns and if you restrict them to stop criminals they're just gonna get a gun anyway so it's really endangering is the people

Guns You're Allowed to Have: pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns
Guns You're Not Allowed to Have: machine guns, submachine guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, etc. - Metalhead1997

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59 Indian Reservations

They were here first, and now they have to live in certain areas to live how they want to live.

Are you talking about the red Indians or the Asia ones... Are they not different?

I have ultimate respect for them, too bad no one else does. We treat them worse than dogs.

Maybe! Someone is not getting the facts right! How did these people from Asia come about in the US and travel all the way to migrate to Asia? Did they use Greenland as "shortcut"? Common!

At first I thought it was talking about the real Indians from India... But yea, Native American reserves are horrible, this should be higher on the list.

This is the stupidest item on this list. - NuMetalManiak

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60 They Call You Dumb and Stupid If You Don't Understand Them

lots of people, not all does that
they are very proud and insult other people, needs to be stop - ronluna

one of the worst attitude of many westerners that I've worst encountered - ronluna

Other countries call us dumb and stupid just for being American. Your argument is invalid.

Which is ignorant. - Metalhead1997

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