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61 Gun Control

I think we need more gun control. Some people don't care if they're shot, so long as they take others down with them. How's a gun going to help you then? We could avoid all these mass shootings with fewer guns. Just look at Australia and Canada.

The United States government has become too strict on gun control. Saying that guns are dangerous and only take lives. For instance witch bank are you going to rob the one where every one has a gun or the one where every one is empty handed and wait the twenty mins for the police to come and help them and the shot dead person because he could not defend himself.

We have th right to have guns and if you restrict them to stop criminals they're just gonna get a gun anyway so it's really endangering is the people

Guns You're Allowed to Have: pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns
Guns You're Not Allowed to Have: machine guns, submachine guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, etc. - Metalhead1997

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62 They Call You Dumb and Stupid If You Don't Understand Them

lots of people, not all does that
they are very proud and insult other people, needs to be stop - ronluna

one of the worst attitude of many westerners that I've worst encountered - ronluna

Other countries call us dumb and stupid just for being American. Your argument is invalid.

Which is ignorant. - Metalhead1997

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63 Lots of Hatred With Each Other

You know this isn't higher on the list because nobody wants to admit it. I'm an American and yeah, people fight a lot here about ridiculous things that don't matter. Can't we all just live together peacefully like God wants us to? Some of these "stereotypical rumors" are not true. The truth hurts sometimes---don't be like "Well, if America can accomplish that, it's a bad thing. " Other countries mess up too. Nobody's perfect and I am sorry.

Why do people do that? We are all the same.

64 They Think That They Are a Good Country and Criticizes Other Countries For Being Bad

I live in the USA, and I don't think other countries are bad. I do think the USA has too many stereotypes that need to end now. I don't criticize other countries. More people need to realize that we are not bad people! This country is only my favorite because I live here. And... Wait a minute. Are we really $14 billion in debt? - RockFashionista

And they conquered Iraq,
Hated Asians,
Proclaimed themselves being the savior and the Japanese are bad but in fact Americans are worse than Japan and Germany - ronluna

Other countries just can't hang

I'm sorry, but not all Americans think like that idiot Donald Trump.

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65 Being Born As American Citizen But Your Parents Are Both From Other Countries

My mom is German and my dad is Italian... So yeah I get stupid ass comments about my family and me. :(

Both my parents are born from a different country

This is a country of immigrants anyway. - Metalhead1997

This is the most irritating about United States. if your parents are Japanese, Indian, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, African, Canadian, Spaniard, British, etc. how come you are an American? DNA test should be implemented and don't force somebody to become an American if he/she is not really citizen of it - ronluna

66 Full of Idiots

Yeah we have some idiots here. - Metalhead1997

67 They Think That They Are Great by Bombing Japan, Iraq, and Joining With Other Countries Like South Korea In a War

What, okay where do I start, first Japan bombed us first because we stopped giving aid to them, we got mad and gave them what they deserved, they didn't surrender like all there other allies so we simply bombed them and the war ended at least on our part, second we never bombed Iraq we did our military on there land, third what is wrong with joining South Korea?

I love Japan I know so much about it. And for a fact they wanted to make Japan grow I mean have you seen how small there country is? It's small!

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68 Homophobia

Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other countries have this problem, too. - Metalhead1997

69 Can't Control Obesity
70 Gay Marriage Legalized
71 Welfare Abusers
72 They Change the Name of Asian and Other Countries and Nations Into American Names

Animes, T.V. programs, books, comics, video games esp coming from Japan are changed into English ones. Of course, English is a universal language but changing the name is very annoying - ronluna

Asian food is better then American food. And I'm not even Asian!

My parents are from the Middle East and they have arab names, they just pulled some random English name out of nowhere lol

They import everything and Americanized everything - ronluna

73 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

Justin Beiber is from Canada, by the way.

Actually, THIS is the stupidest item on this list. Not even United States. - NuMetalManiak

Okay, stop with the Justin beiber, its getting old

I want to kill Justin Beiber

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74 PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

While I agree, PETA isn't only a US thing.

75 Getting To Choose Which Gender Your Baby Is

It's kind of like playing God.

God made you how he made you you shouldn't change that - metallica1011

If God made people how they are, didn't he also allow people to change the gender of a baby? Didn't God also create violence? Do we just choose to thank him for the good and not blame him for the bad? Here's a thought: What if God isn't a ruler?

What? - Metalhead1997

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76 They Created Things That Can Make the World Worse

Like dangerous chemical weapons.

Guns were around in the 15th century. They made them stronger and faster.

Like guns they just made it worse!

Technology / social media

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77 They Experiment With Their Own People

That should be illegal!

So have other countries. - Metalhead1997


78 Poor School System

In year 6, I really didn't learn anything because the teachers don't know how to teach a class. And plus, my school system is so poor, we have to raise money 2 YEARS before 6th grade, just to go on, like 2 field trips. Back to the teachers, the only class I really learned in was in math, which means none of the other teachers are doing their jobs! My ELA and Science teacher lets kids swear, throw food, eat candy, and just roam free! In Social Studies (SS) we did like 10 projects, that would be due in less than 1 month! School systems are SO BAD - kaitlynrad11

I agree, but the reason you weren't learning anything may not be because of the teachers, but instead because of the common core system, the reason why most people in america don't know about the hollow earth theory, which is likely true. - LargeDemon

TRUE. This is why homeschooling is getting so popular here.

Not free school for higher education

Public School is horrible! Long live homeschooling.

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79 American Heroes Are Always Assassinated

Is this really something that's wrong with America instead of something that's wrong with murderers. Look at the website your on! If they were our heroes America's gov would kill them but stupid people in America would've. That's in other countries to don't focus on just America with this.

Not to mention Martin Luther King Jr.

Abe was a good man he did not deserve to die!

I know right

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80 Girl Got Pregnant At Minor Age

Whats wrong with it? As long as they take responsibility and take care of their baby? Some of the younger girls are better parents then most 30 year olds. Age doesn't matter as long as they take care of their child and love them unconditionally.

Unless you have to care for the baby it ain't your problem deuces

This is obviously because of these so called hiphop "icons" that promte sexism, violance, and crime. This is why I listen to the classics.

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