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81 PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

While I agree, PETA isn't only a US thing.

82 They Created Things That Can Make the World Worse

Like dangerous chemical weapons.

Guns were around in the 15th century. They made them stronger and faster.

Like guns they just made it worse!

Technology / social media

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83 They Experiment With Their Own People

That should be illegal!

So have other countries. - Metalhead1997


84 American Heroes Are Always Assassinated

Is this really something that's wrong with America instead of something that's wrong with murderers. Look at the website your on! If they were our heroes America's gov would kill them but stupid people in America would've. That's in other countries to don't focus on just America with this.

Not to mention Martin Luther King Jr.

Abe was a good man he did not deserve to die!

I know right

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85 The Koch Brothers
86 Girl Got Pregnant At Minor Age

Whats wrong with it? As long as they take responsibility and take care of their baby? Some of the younger girls are better parents then most 30 year olds. Age doesn't matter as long as they take care of their child and love them unconditionally.

Unless you have to care for the baby it ain't your problem deuces

This is obviously because of these so called hiphop "icons" that promte sexism, violance, and crime. This is why I listen to the classics.

87 America Is Spoiled

No wonder other countries hate us. All we care about is ourselves. - Godisawesome1

America is spoiled because were the ones who invent everything and ship the inventions to the other continents! If the other countries would invent something, they would be spoiled too!

Yes, america has invented some things, but america also keeps it's citizens from knowing those things that other countries as well as it can. - LargeDemon

Whose fault is that?

China invented a lot of stuff but yet they are not "spoiled"

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88 No Metric System

Ridiculous but goes hand in hand with your antiquated electoral system. Seriously behind the times.

Because we were trying to be unique. Also, we don't wanna learn how to use the metric system. - Metalhead1997

89 Somali Migrants
90 United Nations Is In Their Country and It Favors United States In All Factors
91 They Do Things Just to Be Known

So true! People all over know Armstrong for being the first person to land on the moon. Whatever! Do people know that the first person in SPACE was Russian? The USA failed even to recognize that!

We do recognize, an even learn in school that we weren't the first in space. But we were the first to put a man on the moon. Don't be jealous because you didn't. Yes, it is great that Russia put a man on the moon, but don't say we don't acknowledge it when we do

92 They Hate U2, Bono and Other Political Bands Because They Want to Do More Bad Things

Bands? BANDS? Is that what makes us horrible? We don't like bands?! Wow, whoever added this is dumb. - AnonymousChick

Look up Jacks films on YouTube. His fans and himself HATE U2 - kaitlynrad11

How can anybody hate U2? They kick butt! (by the way, I'm from the US…)

My parents ADORE U2. - Metalhead1997

93 Their Music Channels Is Filled With Boring and Lame Bands and Artists

Justin Beiber? Taylor Swift? I do not want to listen to them, boring.

Baby baby baby oh but I DON'T CARE!

You want some real music? Put on Kiss, AC/DC, Metallica, or jazz. - Metalhead1997

Attacking girls for the music they like just because other people want to go back to the past.
We have always had good and bad music in every decade. Metal/Rock fans just want to bully fans of pop but claim it's the other way around, whatever, bye.

94 It's Too Religious

I've gone over this a couple times with friends and all, but I don't think that religion is exactly the problem here, as Christianity isn't technically discriminating. As a Christian myself I accept homosexuality, transvestites and a whole lot of other things too. The problem with religion is that you can use it to your advantage. So, you take out most everything and just read what you want to. Technically there is always a message of love everyone in practically all religious texts. People just decide to ignore such a thing and so it becomes a problem. There are some areas though where these interpretations are taken seriously and without much leeway, like a whole lot of the south (Texas and other southern countries of the US)

I am happy to post a review about America being the only superpower
1: China is the worlds leading military and possibly economic superpower.
And 2: I understand the religion part, I really do, but its not the fact that they are religious, it's the religion that they follow. Christianity is the most discriminating religion that I know of.

All I here anymore is "homosexuality is bad! " "God doesn't love them! ". So, I thought your God was supposed to love everyone no matter what. I even know that and I'm and Atheist.

Countries in the Middle East are supposed to be the most religious. Another false item. - NuMetalManiak

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95 More Incarcerated People Than Anywhere Else

Its funny because its true our courts are so backed up it would suck for you if your bail was more than $100,000 our prisons are sooo full I mean look at Sweden they had to close 4 prisons because they didn't have enough people yo fillem because their crime rate is so low

96 Too Much Gay Porn

Too much "gay porn"? They shouldn't have porn at all.

Screw you gay porn is the best.

Pont is stupid

What? - Metalhead1997

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97 Different Spellings

Often claim to be right but didn't invent the language. I am fine and can appreciate that words change in different cultures but they shouldn't say they speak English, they speak American English

Not a problem. Just how we prefer to spell our words. - Metalhead1997

98 Contemporary Music

Many, MANY other countries have contemporary music.

That is not a Problem!

99 They Want Everybody to Believe In Them As They Know the Best But Actually the Worst
100 Too Much Commercialized But Generic Music

They have bands that have the same sound esp in 2000s - ronluna

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