Things Wrong With The United States

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121 They Try to Sue Everyone Who Are Against Their Will

They think that they are the Law - ronluna

122 They Are the One Who Started the Atomic Bomb

U made the poop bomb ew

123 They Bombed Japan, Iraq and Other Countries Just to Stop the War and It Is Not the Best Solution

I LOVE Japan! So they have no right to do that!

If we didn't bomb Japan, more people would have died

No, less people would've died, or do you think that the Japanese aren't people? - LargeDemon

Well that's ridiculous. It wasn't set a US decision

Bombing other countries may not be the best solution, but think about it a different way. There is soldiers out there fighting for their country and if the war goes on more and more die. More families will lose someone they love... on both sides. - RunawayHippie

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124 Boasting

Yeah, they're world-class boasters, aren't they?

No we don't boast more then anyone else.

Toasting your butt

125 Bill S. 968

What is this? - Metalhead1997

126 The Kid's Best Way to Feel Better Is to Pick On Another Kid

First of all, that is bulling. Second, we need to help as many peeps as we can!

You think that's just in the US? Its everywhere.

Well, not just in USA. Whoever started, and added to this list is too.

127 Not Everybody Will Have a Chance of a Good Job In America V 1 Comment
128 Rich 4-year Olds Who Act Like Teenagers

That's not really an American fault, it could happen to anyone

You think we act older than we are?

An the other way around

Ya ikr their stppit

129 America Profits Off of Prisoners and Then Sets People Up

America profits off of prisoners and then sets people up constantly. Incarceration is business in America. It is the worst country in the world for incarceration.

130 Paid Health Care

Every other country in the world offers free healthcare for their citizens. Instead, us Americans have to pay a fortune for a thing as simple as healthcare.

The only place in the 1st world where a child can die from a bad tooth.

131 They're Hypocrites

So Go whet's stopping U

Americans are ignorant, rude, selfish asss! I'd much rather be Russian.

VV the comment below V can't SPEL

132 Too Many Sensitive People

Would you rather all of us to be cold-hearted, laid back jerks? - RunawayHippie

I find this rude as well.

So how is that a problem? I am sensative and I find this rude.

Your sensitive

133 Not Following War Laws and Taking 19 Years to Sign a Paper Banning Use of Napalm On Innocent Civilians

Why America, we are the good guys. Follow the rules.

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134 Individualism

It seems as though all kids feel the need to fit in with the crowd. They should embrace their individuality.

How is THIS a problem?! - Metalhead1997


135 Oppression

Teenagers are treated like unimportant members of society and that just because they are hormonal they do not have valid point and opinions teenagers are some of the most creative curious and innovative people and we mentally inclinded to do what's right as long as you were raised right although we are all stereotyped as rude disrespectful uneducated brats (some are but not all) we have great ideas for the world and instead of being educated about things that we don't need in life they should be focusing on educating us on real world problems and stop treating us like swine because one day we will be the ones running the country

136 Mike Huckabee
137 The Reputation
138 They Think That They Are the Savior and Mediator But They Commit Lots of Bad Things

War in Iraq, crimes, illegal acts, etc

139 Underestimating An Individual That Is Not From Their Country

its a fact, many asians were underestimated in terms of music, sports and other aspects by these americans

I hate hearing "go back to the Middle East, Africa, Mexico" etc. From people especially white people. Not all white people say these things, but sadly a lot do.

It's the racists, not America in general! Yes, my country's done (and doing) a lot of stupid stuff, but really!

140 They Think That They Can Colonize and Monopolize Everybody

They think that everybody wants to buy their products and services with a seret motive to colonize nations like Japan after world war II, Iraq, etc - ronluna

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