Things Wrong With The United States

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141 They Create a Riot Even If There Is Only Minor Differences
142 Lack of Acknowledgement, Gratitude to Other Countries Like Japan, Great Britain, Etc
143 They Fight For Their Country Even If Their Belief Will Cause Harm to Everyone In the World V 1 Comment
144 They Think That They Are Only People Using the Internet

This is going to be one hell of a shock to them...

Almost every other country on the planet uses the internet. - Metalhead1997

I KNOW this Is false

145 The Worst Example of Democracy

There is homophobia, the death penalty, racism, police brutality, and many more examples.

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146 They Fake Reality Shows

I want to punch them in there little stupid faces!

Why would anyone watch reality shows anyways? They are all fake everywhere.

So boring to watch.

Reality T.V.=bad for you. - Metalhead1997

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147 They Think That They Are the Only One Who Can Invent the Best Technology

They think they invented everything whereas in reality they've invented very little. They didn't invent the car, T.V. , telephone, computer, etc but will claim they did.

Actually they did invent the T.V. and phone; I am not sure about computers, though.

148 They Put Lots of Silly Things In Television, Youtube and Other Video Sharing and Streaming Sites

And being silly is detrimental to the entire world how? - NuMetalManiak

For money and views. - Metalhead1997


149 They Have the Most Dangerous People In the World

Source, please. - Metalhead1997

So people today are worse than Hitler mao and joesph stalin what not true - ikerevievs

So people today are worse than Hitler mao and joesph stalin what - ikerevievs

150 They Create Many Boring TV Shows

You dummy. Paw patrol is from Canada. And it is far from the worst show.

Really? Clarence, Dora the Explorer, and Paw Patrol? Lame.

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151 Most of the Ideas In the World Is Influenced, Manipulated by Them
152 No Matter How You Avoid American Influence, You Can't Stop Them from Influencing Everybody
153 They Have the Worst Looks and Fashions

Why can't anyone just respect the fact that our culture is different from theirs?

The top problem in America is apparently "racism" according to this list, but did you realize how racist this list is? - RunawayHippie

I'm pretty sure 10 years later, everyone will walk naked in the street just like its nothing.

In your opinion. - Metalhead1997

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154 People In USA Listening to Japanese Music are Only Listening to Popular Bands and Songs Introduced by Anime
155 They Think That They Can Invent Anything
156 They Do Lots of Dangerous and Deadly Stunts
157 We Let Foreigners Into Our Country

Um...remove this. - Metalhead1997

Racist. So if you're not Amerindian, you should get out of the country? A lot of cultures have been dragged to America against their will. E.G. black people

158 Veal Process Is Legal
159 Autistic People Get Persecuted In Some School Districts

I have Aspergers, which is similar. - Metalhead1997

160 Too Much Atheism

I'm not an atheist. I don't really have a religion, however I do believe in studying theories and respect other's beliefs. Most people don't like atheism because they think it means that that person hates God, which is not the case for most. Atheism is a religion just like any other. I don't think it is morally right to tell someone that God is or isn't really. Because that is my belief. However, if someone were to ask my opinion or I feel that they are trying to push their beliefs on me, I just say I think it's interesting, but I'm not really religious. Most people will just nod and be fine with that, but those that don't are just annoying and I try not to associate with them again. Some people just want others to think just like them and some people just want others to feel as good as they do spiritually. There is a difference between someone pushing religion on you and offering you an option to give their beliefs a try. You have to distinguish the two. I don't have religious ...more

Dude, that's unfair. Personally I feel there is not enough secularism, ; however my opinion is only my opinion. You have to accept everyone's views on religion (or lack thereof) even if you disagree with them

The only problem with atheists are the people who shove their disbelief down others throats, which are the minority but they are louder than the peaceful majority of atheists. Same goes for anyone of any religion.

What? - Metalhead1997

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