Things Wrong With The United States

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161 Autistic People Get Persecuted In Some School Districts

I have Aspergers, which is similar. - Metalhead1997

162 Too Much Atheism

I'm not an atheist. I don't really have a religion, however I do believe in studying theories and respect other's beliefs. Most people don't like atheism because they think it means that that person hates God, which is not the case for most. Atheism is a religion just like any other. I don't think it is morally right to tell someone that God is or isn't really. Because that is my belief. However, if someone were to ask my opinion or I feel that they are trying to push their beliefs on me, I just say I think it's interesting, but I'm not really religious. Most people will just nod and be fine with that, but those that don't are just annoying and I try not to associate with them again. Some people just want others to think just like them and some people just want others to feel as good as they do spiritually. There is a difference between someone pushing religion on you and offering you an option to give their beliefs a try. You have to distinguish the two. I don't have religious ...more

Dude, that's unfair. Personally I feel there is not enough secularism, ; however my opinion is only my opinion. You have to accept everyone's views on religion (or lack thereof) even if you disagree with them

The only problem with atheists are the people who shove their disbelief down others throats, which are the minority but they are louder than the peaceful majority of atheists. Same goes for anyone of any religion.

What? - Metalhead1997

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163 John Edwards
164 They Are Arrogant

Arrogance Will be our downfall, just like with Grand Moff Tarkin on the death star in "Star Wars: A New Hope".

165 Pregnant Women Are Persecuted
166 A Specific Senator Is a Serious Bully
167 Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh
168 The California Waters Reach Extreme Depths 10 Feet From Shore

This is not a problem, this is part of nature.

Not our fault, it's something called NATURE

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169 Los Angeles May Fall From America
170 There Was a Genocide In the 1700's

It's called the Native American Genocide. Before the Europeans came there were over 100 million people already living in the Americas, and no most of them weren't killed unintentionally by diseases they were slaughtered.

In the 1700's... Why don't people understand that countries change? - RunawayHippie

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171 The Colonies Were Partly Formed by Evil Pirates you have historical evidence of this? - Metalhead1997

172 The Wealthier Areas Have Better Schools
173 John F Kennedy Was Killed
174 Homosexuals

Get over it, homosexuals are everywhere.
You ass.

How is that an issue? Other countries have them, too. They're people, just like you and I. I believe that we should support them.

At least we don't KILL them for being homosexual. - Metalhead1997

175 Too Many Immigrants
176 They Have Really Bad Nasal Accents

Now foreigners on this list are being insulting. - NuMetalManiak

You've been to New Jersey too many times. - Metalhead1997

>_< please stop I'm told I sound british not american but please stop that is really rude just because they sound diferent doesn't mean you should be rude about

They sound like muppets! Just awful!

177 They Copy Most British Sitcoms and Think That They Have Made Them Funnier

This makes me so MAD! They simply do not have any imagination!

The only error in your statement is that most not all Americans don't have an imagination. - LargeDemon

The Office was originally made in Britain, and so was Being Human. - Metalhead1997

178 They Think New York Is the Only City In the World

I don't agree with this one, but I do have to say that a lot of other citizens of other countries think that New York is the only city in the United States, which they consider America. After living out of the US for years, I've started to place my homeland by distance away from New York and by calling the US, America. However, a lot of Americans are known to not really know where other countries are and we get a lot of crap for this. I've often been told where a country is, that I already know, for example Spain. It's rather offensive that they don't give me a chance in case I do know.


Um... Really? Most Americans hate NYC.

It's not, dumbasses. There's millions of other cities. - Metalhead1997

179 When They Read This List They Put It Down To Jealousy And Not For What It Really Is.
180 They Have Tried Time and Time Again To Change The English Language

Yeah, we do. But the Canadians changed French. Just saying. Same difference.

Something which they'll NEVER do!

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