His guy below me says not to dwell in other countries yet he comments on North Korea Iran and Iraq as if it is only ok for him to comment on stuff and it isn't ok for other people to comment on us. That isn't fair to people like me who have a background from another country but was born here. And although we don't have as many things going on as them, we still have many problems so don't pretend that Americans are perfect when clearly some of them aren't. For example, youth in today's generation. Half of them are probably out doing something they're not supposed to. But you do get your point about Iraq and Iran and North Korea but don't dwell on them because you never know if somebody else on this site has a background from those countries it will really hurt their feelings if you do that to them. They will start thinking that their home country is a horrible place and might never go back because of what people say. So please don't dwell on others please.

Well racism is basically everywhere not just the United States, lets get that straight. I mean people target here (US) because we have different races and nationality. I just hate the fact that people assume many negative things about this country just because we are different and not the same as the other countries.

Racism is America's sin. The Native American were here first. This was their land until a foreigner from the European world TOOK IT, through lies and deceiving schemes. Then their families were to lazy to care for the land, so they bought and took educated Africans to become their slaves to harvest the land...remember which was taken from the Native Americans...so fast forward several hundred years later...Now we have racist Trump and his white supremacy friends, relatives, the uneducated, and "Christian " folks to deal with...AMERICA WAKE UP before Jesus comes back. Deal with you SINS.

The racism directed toward white people, mostly men, is nauseating. I can hardly believe it, imagine people talking about black ancestors as being the same as black people today. How also do people forget the massive contributions white people made to science, medicine, law and civilization? Where would we even be without white people? I feel like this is an upside-down world now... Racism isn't the cure for racism everybody. Get a grip.

I knew racism existed but it has been especially abundant, blatantly and unabashed against anyone who is anything other than white, which I am considered "white" but what does that exactly mean? I am Italian, Irish, American Indian, a mix of sorts and light skinned because of the Irish. My grandparents migrated from Calabria Italy and made a life here. I know people from all walks of life that live here, that I grew up with. I do not have any all white friends.. this is crazy and its like Nazi ism all over again. How can we as a people let 45 get away with what he is doing?

Honestly, America is super racist, racism is a problem in America. Americans should stop lowering and say that people are still use steroids types to much and some are racists. Yes there is racism everywhere but that seems like every Americans excuse just cause racism is in that country doesn't mean you can have and also racism needs to stop period

Just take times to think about the last elections. The first black president needed to be the best result of the education system, a Harvard genius with a very good charisma to win by 2%. And then, you have that stupid scumbag and racist idiot to take his place just after that. Racism in America is about black people needing to work twice harder than white people to have the same opportunities.

At the moment that is a race war going on all through America, which extremest groups from both black and white American citizens (the KKK and the black panthas) especially in areas such as Texas and southern states. The black community is being threatened by police brutality and just everyday racism. In the last year there has also been an increase in violence against Muslims, because apparently they are all terrorists (according to Trump). Overall, I believe that anyone saying that our country, America in not racist needs to wake up and stop being so naive. Stop racism now

All the random news I hear about the USA is bad. I have to search really hard to find good news. Canada is not as racist compared to the USA. But the USA is doing lots of terrible things. Separating families and spying on their citizens. It is terrible. I thought USA was one of the good guys. I consider the USA part of the bad guys now. The government I am talking about of course.

Our country and especially white culture is based on racism. Hell, even the electoral college has racist beginnings! I am not surprised by today's election results, but it deepens my shame about being an American. This is not the America that I want. I am White and male, and I do not want another White male who is a bigot in the oval office.

I think God made us the way we are for a reason, and I don't care if my friends are black, yellow, green or red, they are who they are. And honestly it's only there skin color people!

Why can't we just respect each other's opinion and just live and accept it and just go on with our lives. Yes I respect the 1st amending but some of us take it to another level and they get mad and loose their temper an it start a fight which is waist of time, get over it and accept to agree to disagree.

It's absolutely disgusting that racism is so alive and active in ameriKKKa. The idiot in the white house just made it 1000% worse because he is an obnoxious racist himself. Everyone is equal regardless of their race, their ethnic background, who they love, etc. It's an embarrassment that this country is so damn backwards in so many ways. Having that orange moron in the white house has the entire planet laughing at us now.

Whenever I visit any website or video that even has ANYTHING to do with another race, I always see so many racist comments.

I seen them too and it saddens me that I'm growing up in a world like this and I'm only 14 - ALLpeopleareequal

I think people are making more out of the Racism issue then what is really going on. There are a few people in this country that make more about this. And they get paid for doing it.

At this point, there's no more justification, just ignorance all over... and people who think they're not but... well, then Obama became the prez

Everyone is overeacting. Not American, but America is not that bad. This is all about people just hating on Americans about how they think they are so great, when most people don't think like that it's just unfortunately those people represent the country. I hate those arrogant people too. I would put something on this list like "Handgun Laws" or "Not-That-Amazing Education" or other things like the Death Pentaly which is on here. Because, America dis have problems. It is, actually, pretty arrogant and people only think of other countries by sterotypes they created. But - it's the only place where I can get supersized McDonalds and free wifi everywhere.

The main 48 states plus Alaska have a lot of people that are racist to people of color. Hawaii has people that are racist to white people. Everyone loses.

Are you kidding me racism? We literally just voted for a black president TWICE IN A MAJORITY WHITE COUNTRY, do you know how many interracial couples I see here in the states?

I didn't think racism was a big issue until recently -- we now have Presidential candidates that wear their racist remarks like a badge of honor.

Racism is everywhere and I'm done with it and if no one wants to change I think we should get out of this country okay none of the states are doing anything and there is actually people committing suicide for racism

Against WHITE PEOPLE! Black Music Awards. Indian Casinos. Latino Comedy Night. Whatever! All we have is White Men Can't Jump

It makes me sick to see how many of my brothers and sisters are getting killed of by arrogant, bigoted "police officers".

Dude, the guy writing that article probably came from a country that the us has used propaganda on it or started a war with,aka 400 years of war of a country that's existed for 400 years, so yeah I guess I can comfortably say we're both bias and your to ignorant about your surroundings to realize that

Slavery is America's original sin, and racism is the scar it has left.