They still think Germans are Nazis, although there are more Nazis in the US than in Germany


Well, I would not have considered this statement to be a truism in the past. However, looking at one of our Presidential nominees and some of the Americans who support his rhetoric, there maybe some truth to this statement. If some people are attempting to hijack the Republican Party, and those people are say Nazi's, then they may be in for a big surprise. The Republican Party will expose them for who and what they are -- Nazi's. Many may not agree with the Republican Party platform, but Republican's are Americans who believe in the US Constitution and what what the founding fathers set out to achieve. The Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the vast majority of Americans will recognize Facism and extinguish it as the polls come November, 2016.

It may be true that this is a thought still in America, but as an international American, I've lost that thought. Although it's still there for some Americans it's in many other places too. A German friend of mine in the Netherlands and got harassed when he was young for being German, (as they said he was a rotten Nazi who should go back to his country) although we don't know how they got this information as no one told them. Just saying, it's not just America here. It's used as an insult in countries that were occupied by the Germans too.

I'm American and I have never thought of a German as being a Nazi. It was about 70 damn years ago. Not yesterday. Sure there were a lot of Nazis but there were also a whole lot more Germans that werent. I believe only 7% of Germans were actually Nazis. I've always had a bit of sympathy for a lot of Nazis. Not that I'm in the least supportive of them. Part of my family is Jewish. But I know there was many Nazis that didn't want to be there at all. They did it for there family. I have many German friends and I have never thought of Nazis when with anyone German.

I am German and sadly this also happened to me but to be clear: Not everyone did. The most americans I've met were nothing but kind to me, I think the majority of them is really friendly. Of course there are some idiots, but no matter where you go, there will alway be some idiots in the world but there will be the nice people. So let's don't blame all americans for this when it's just a few stupid people. I bet most of them didn't even intended to hurt us with those words.

True! True! TRUE! TRUE!
Even Adolf Hitler was less Nazi than some redneck!

I'm sorry Germans for all the ignorant Americans out there, that say you're Nazis. Please understand that not all of us are like this ( I personally LOVE Germany, and its culture).

I am American, but I think it is true that there are more Nazis in the United States than in Germany. This is why:
1. Germany has outlawed the death penalty about thirty years ago, but the United States continues to execute people.
2. There appears to be LESS homophobia in Germany than in the United States.
3. Many Americans are racist and xenophobic, especially in the South.
4. Police officers in the United States abuse their power. They beat people up and force people to confess crimes they did not commit.

I was gonna choose the one about them thinking they is the only country.. But this one made me vote for it instantly because it is the truest thing I've ever seen

I agree! This is so racist, the amount of people I have met that think Germany is bad because of Hitler, is insane. I myself am American but I know this this is sick and wrong.

I'm American and recognize Germany as not Nazis right now. I know there are lots of neo-nazis in USA. Hell, there is even a Neo-nazi political party. - TeamRocket747

This just shows how egocentric the Germans are. Honestly most Americans don't think about Germany at all... Which I am sure drives the Germans crazy as they think they do everything better than everyone else.

I am about 70% German and almost everyone I see that may not even KNOW me start to hear that I am German and then start calling me a Nazi.
In fact I remember once I wore a fake mustache to school and someone said 'Hey look! It's Hitler! Hide your Jews! '
That is what is so screwed up about America! And also, Hitler is Austrian but the Nazis were German

God you don't understand how true this is. When I went to live in the USA for a year I got harassed at least four times in one month, due to my very strong German accent. I got called (and I quote) 'a Jew killer', 'Nazi scum' and one person even said 'i looked like a born killer'. It was disgusting. I got so upset, I had to leave three months early and decided to go on holiday to the UK and Italy. Loved the UK (would recommend)

I am an American and you don't know how terrible I feel when some people call my German friend a Nazi

I am not from Germany but am German and I know that just because they come here sometimes for a visit that does not mean that us Americans should be treating them wrong. Hey people WWII is OVER!

True, I am a German who grew up in the US, but go back every summer for vacation (all my family is in Germany), and in School I was often asked if I'm a Nazi or how the Third Reich is going. Well, needless to say it was always the kids who were ignorant about history or really any socially acceptable behavior. Whenever I hear about Neonazis, it's usually in the US, not Germany; true that the US has more Neonazis than Germany.

In Germany, it's actually illegal to be a Nazi nowadays. - Metalhead1997

My cousin is German and she isn't a Nazi!

I'm sorry for you Germans that are offended, but I have never heard this in my life.

Prerequsite to being a nazi is being from USA, backwards racist nation that was built on theft and white supremacy, and the USA didn't defeat Germany in WW2, the Russians did... By the way there are no more Nazis in Germany, but still plenty of K in 2012 USA.

Listen that's an opinion rather than a fact

Not all Germans were Nazis. It's as simple as that what don't they get

I am sick of people calling me a Nazi just because I am German!

This is true they have no general knowledge

I've never heard this in my life. Lol