Things Wrong In Why Mario Is Mental (Both Parts)

If you thought Game Theory was right when MatPat said Mario is evil, you thought wrong. Here are the ten mistakes Mr. MatPat made in the two videos he made that had Mario look like a bad guy. No, I don't hate MatPat, or his show, Game Theory. I'm just showing the mistakes he made & proving to everyone that Mario is not really a villain. These mistakes are seen from both parts of Why Mario Is Mental. Just remember one thing. It's just a theory, a GAME THEORY! I hope you're listening, everybody! I'm also talking to you, Matthew Patrick AKA MatPat. I bet you are listening!

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1 Thinking Mario punches Yoshi in the neck

It's a common belief that, in Super Mario World, Mario punches Yoshi in the face to extend his tongue, and this was further popularized by the "Mario is Mental" videos. This belief is incorrect. Although it's hard to tell in-game due to how fast the frames go, if one were to examine a sprite sheet that includes the animation frames of Yoshi extending his tongue, one can see that Mario is actually pointing in the direction that he wants Yoshi's tongue to extend towards. This fact can be further proven by a piece of official artwork for Super Mario World that clearly shows Mario pointing at a berry while Yoshi's tongue has gotten a hold of said berry. If Mario was to actually punch him, I'm pretty sure that Yoshi wouldn't hesitate to eat Mario as a punishment for his actions. Also, I know that this has been said 100,000,000,000 times before, but it's the player's own fault if they choose to sacrifice Yoshi for an extra jump, not Mario's. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

Actually, Mario is pointing at Yoshi to tell him where to release the tongue. It's a only a frame of a second. You can't see it because Nintendo thought it would be weird. The position of Yoshi looks like he got punched is actually the animation of him ready to release the tongue to attack.

Game theory says he is smart. Yeah, smart all right, a smart price of s@#%! Can he not at l sat look closer and at least tell if Mario was pointing at the direction!? NO! Because he is game theory! He's supposed to be wrong! I agree there is something wrong, the fact that he was born

Actually, MatPat is right. One of the creators actually said Mario is punching Yoshi. - LordDovahkiin

But Mario was ORIGINALLY punching Yoshi. That's what one of the employees meant. He's not punching Yoshi in the final game, is he? - TheYoshiPyro64

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2 The fact that he is right and we have to face the facts

Disagree. Look at the discussion Game Theory is wrong

Its just a theory. Not a 100% true fact

I feel bad after realizing what the Hell was Mario was doing the whole time, I felt tricked into believing that Mario was a Hero, to think that I was one of his normal fans. Now that I know the truth about Mario being the true villain, I'm NEVER gonna play a Mario game anymore. That prick.

You are a dumb Game Theory fan that shouldn't even be on this list. THE THEORY WAS DEBUNKED 5 year old! - DCfnaf

If you listen till the end he says "but hey that's just a theory,a game theory"

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3 Mentioning that the Tanooki Suit had PETA's attention

It's a leaf... Not an animal and it says tanooki suit, not tanooki fur coat.

He took PETA's side, where most shunned them. Though I'm a Game Theory fan, I strongly disagree with at least this point. PETA knew that this was a desperate, plea for attention, heck they latter had to APOLOGIZE for the Tanookie leaf fiasco, and Game Theory "Forgot" to mention that.

Mario is two-hearted.

He is good & bad at the same time. But I don't think that Mario's cheeks & nose make him evil. It's only his 80s porn star moustache that makes him evil.

Sponsored by nintendo...

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4 (Sarcasm) Mario lets Yoshi fall off a cliff.

Since I was being sarcastic there, let me tell you the truth. It's not Mario, it's the players. Believe me! I rode on a Yoshi before & I made Mario get off of Yoshi & Yoshi fell into a pit. I'm sorry I did it to you, Yoshi. (Part 1)

Yes it's the player, but you're forced to do it to get across long gaps. Oh, and please take note that in Mario's world, you don't exist. So in a way, it's not the player nor Mario. It's Nintendo that kills the yoshis. - LordDovahkiin

The Player makes Him do it! He doesn't do it on Purpose - ToadF1

Nah, Yoshi is going to be fine.

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5 Game theory is false

One word is all the proof I need. It's even in the name. THEORY! You guys really think that the developers of Nintendo sat in their chairs at a table and were thinking of ideas for a children's game that's fun for the whole family, that one guy stood up and said, "Hey I know! Let's make a game about a psycho! Parents will LOVE that! "

Something is just wrong with Matpat... Now it's all about the money. He even made another channel and those videos don't even have any facts. Have you seen Beauty and the Beast one?

Not fox you mean CNN

Saying that MatPat has problems is just bull**** and that is because he is not saying the stuff he is saying because he believes it...he does it to do the thing he studied at university ENTERTAIN!

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6 Luigi's celebration in Mario Power Tennis

I think Mario accidentally step on Luigi's foot because he didn't see his foot because he gave him a pat on the back. Mario & Luigi are brothers. That's what brothers do all the time! P.S. mat, this is the stupidest evidence for reasons why Mario is a social path!

I grew up with 3 other siblings (2 sisters and a brother). It's a thing called common brotherhood rivalry.

Let me view it, Mario was paying attention to Luigi and too busy giving him a pat on the back to notice that his foot was on Luigi's, there.


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7 Stating that the Wiggler's "home" is ruined by Mario in Super Mario Sunshine

Have you even did 'Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam! '? It's a mission from Super Mario Sunshine & Mario needs to kill the Wiggler. Check out the mission, see videos of it, and you'll see why Mario had to kill the Wiggler. (Part 1)

Sorry about it, if you are offended.

Ya right. I mean, you are supposed to do it in the game! 'Smartest Show in Gaming''Yeah. More like Dumbest Dung in Gaming!

However said video does not provide explanation for Super Mario 64

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8 Showing the "bad thing" about the ending of New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The door from the air balloon closed by itself while Luigi wasn't looking. Just look at it! Nobody notices the door! (Part 1)

Luigi close the door himself and he push the air ballon

Now you're just grasping at straws. Mario knew full well Luigi was there. - LordDovahkiin

Mario wouldn't have worried about Luigi because he could just use the Toads' balloon. - TheYoshiPyro64

No, nobody notices Luigi. He ignores Luigi entirely.

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9 The comments.

The main part about Matpat's channel is that everything is just a theory and that you don't have to take the videos seriously. That would be okay until you look at the comments of both videos and see that many people are taking this "theory" as FACT!

Thank you. Too many people are taking internet videos seriously

Even in both videos there are more likes than dislikes

That comment section is full of ignorance and he certainly it will lower you the IQ of your brain - FrancescoBertini

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10 Saying that Mario is a psychopath in YOUTUBERS REACT TO RACIST MARIO

YES ABSOLUTELY! Why would you make some dumb comment so your fans think you are right and Racist Mario proves it? It's A YOUTUBE VIDEO!

This is like watching Psycho Dad videos and suddenly believing that he is Angry Grandpa's nephew.

MatPat are you incredibly stupid? That is the dumbest piece of evidence I have ever seen! Why base your evidence on something that's not even canon?

I don't remember him mentioning Racist Mario at all. Perhaps I need to rewatch both parts. But remember, he does like to joke. If he did, it was most likely a joke. - LordDovahkiin

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11 Saying that Mario just stares at the end of the N.E.S. version of Mario Is Missing

What about the 'Thank You! ' screen? Go to YouTube & look for the ending of the NES version of Mario Is Missing. (Part 1)

He could be thinking about anything. Just not " I hate you Luigi! I hope you die and go to hell! You'll never get a good game! I hope a piranha plant eats on the way home! "

This guy should actually play the games before insulting them

MatPat might have realized about the "Thank You" screen at the end of the NES version, but he left it out because it would affect his theory and to make him look more like a genius.

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12 Believing that Mario abuses animals

Put down your torches and let me explain, the reason why Mario abuses animals is true because Mario tried to kill an innocent baby ape who was attempting to free his father from a cage by pulling a lever to send a spark of electricity down the vine and make Donkey Kong Jr. fall to his death. As for Donkey Kong himself, the only reason he captured Pauline in the first place is because he though it be the best way to pay Mario back for humiliating him in the beginning of the series be being forced to dangerous circus stunts like juggling objects on top of a giant barrel while at the same time avoiding fire chains and fire hoops. So Donkey Kong was just getting even by capturing Mario's lady friend Pauline.

This should not be on even if they sat Mario is just pointing to yoshi and not punching him through he does abuse TURTLES!

Donkey Kong was kidnapped and put into a cage in Donkey Kong Jr. Because he wants to put him back to the zoo so DK won't kidnapped Pauline. Cheep Cheeps are in packs in 100s so it would be hard, there are many different types of Cheep Cheeps and Mario fries them instantly for SELF-DEFENSE! (Stand Your Ground Law)

Contrary to the statements in this video made regarding Donkey Kong Jr., Jumpman (Supposedly Mario's dad) is not forcing DK Jr. t o perform dangerous acts against his will. Jumpman locked up Donkey Kong in a cage in this game so that he wouldn't cause any more trouble after he kidnapped Pauline, and because Jumpman knows that DK Jr is trying to rescue his dad from the cell block, he is trying to stop the little ape from accomplishing his goal by sending all sorts of enemies to get him and utilizing traps. However, if the face full of stress and fear isn't just DK Jr's nose, then it kinda makes sense that DK Jr would be worried about what might happen to his dad if he fails in his mission to save him, but it definitely wouldn't be over Jumpman supposedly forcing him to do precarious acts.

I also find the argument that Mario tortures enemies like Cheep Cheeps and Wigglers on purpose to be extremely flawed as well. Because the aforementioned enemies are usually forces of Bowser's ...more - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

13 Mario torturing Donkey Kong

What? - ToadF1

14 Saying that there's no Peach toy

This was probably an accident he let through. Chances are that if he was holding back information, he would be careful not to leave this in. It was probably an accident, even if he is wrong. I loved that game. - LordDovahkiin

There is a picture of this toy IN HIS OWN VIDEO - DCfnaf

I haven't seen a peach toy in whatever game is supposed to be in.

what? - ToadF1

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15 Showing a clip of Mario dropping a baby penguin off a cliff

Do you know why Mario threw a baby penguin off a cliff? Because the gamers made him do it! WHY DID YOU MAKE Mario DO THAT? (Part 2)

If it were up to Mario he would give the penguin to the mom and take the star. The gamers forced him to do this - Berger

The players make Mario drop it Mario is a slave and the player is the evil one

Blame the damn players, they made him do.

The Player forces Him to do it, He doesn't do it on Purpose.. - ToadF1

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16 Believing that the blue shells from Mario Kart are evidence

He forgot to realize that EVERYONE who races uses it.

They aren't at All, They sometimes Cheat - ToadF1

How is a single Mario Kart item proof that Mario is evil? Blue spike shells are only used in Mario Kart, not in other Mario games. Seriously, why would you think that, Mr. MatPat? (Part 2)

I think MatPat's the psychopath here

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17 Mario not including Luigi on Paper Mario

Mario is probably protecting Luigi. Besides, Luigi always runs away and is scared in the games. - DCfnaf

Mario is just teasing Luigi.

Because Luigi is a Damn Coward - ToadF1

18 Mario Murders Toads

I always thought breaking a block would free the toad and he'd reward you with points. That or it's another kind of bricks. The manual also said Bowser turned them into other things as well.

They were turned into bricks, not brick blocks. So it seems that Mario is freeing the toads that are cursed.

It's official that Mario only witnessed Peach's kidnapping which happened AFTER the toads were turned to bricks.

Please note that by "bricks" the manual means brick BLOCKS, thick headed people. - LordDovahkiin

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19 Saying that Mario is Torturing Goombas and Comparing him to Evil Characters Like Joker.

It's true that Mario is crushing goombas but it doesn't help the fact that they're Mario enemies. Mario is crushing them because they work for Bowser. Speaking of Bowser, if the goombas are working for Bowser and you're defending them, why aren't you defending Bowser anyway?

That's Because Goombas are from Bowser - ToadF1

After realizing about what Mario was doing, I felt sick and being lied to. I'm never gonna play a Mario game again. For those who wanna know what I'm rambling on about is that, I was watching 'Why is Mario mental' only to realize that Mario was killing innocent Mushroom People that were turned to Blocks and Goombas by crushing, trying to kill a baby ape who's trying to save his dad, flirting with other women (I dunno who Pauline is in the Mario games, because I never played a Mario arcade game), cheating on Peach for Pauline, not letting Luigi even having a smallest bit of victory, burning cheapcheap (Fish in Mario games) that aren't doing anything, and dropping and disposing the Yoshi's in pits. Looks like the Joker and those other comic/video game villains have a new drinking buddy.

Your comment got several dislikes because you are one of the fans who takes his theory as fact. What if Mario WASN'T aware of the curse? He kills Goombas because they're part of BOWSER'S ARMY! I do have to admit that the ape thing was mean but that was Mario's FATHER! He's not flirting with other women because he's just business partners with Pauline, and Daisy KISSES MARIO! He doesn't cheat on Peach because he's using FAN MADE timelines as evidence. He is actually very kind to Luigi and all that was was some playful sibling rivalry! Killing Cheep Cheeps is needed since they swim is large packs and they will HURT YOU! Your last argument is terrible. THE PLAYER DROPS YOSHI INTO PITS! - DCfnaf

So Goombas (the bad guys) can kill Mario, yet Matpat thinks Mario killing Goombas is an unforgivable sin.

20 Using fan made timelines for evidence

The womanizer claim is debunked completely by this bit of stupidity

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