Things Wrong With Disney Today

The Top Ten

1 Not enough drama

Some nostalgist made this list. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Depends on which drama.

2 The music sucks
3 Too much computer animation

As much as we love "Frozen" and Pixar's movies, they should really go back to basics. Why would the regular studio's do computer animation as well? - IsaiahWill22

4 Stupid shows
5 The new Mickey Mouse sucks

Mickey looks like a scribble, Donald looks like a bath toy, and Goofy looks like a hobo. - IsaiahWill22

6 Not enough musicals

I think it's the opposite and they do have too much drama now, but it's not good drama it's the crappy type. - Anonymousxcxc

7 Too much live action films
8 Too kid friendly

Yes finally. South Park is probably too "inappropriate" for Disney. Disney sucks now. Disney is now absolute garbage now. *sigh* Why? - AlphaQ

Yes to this and the previous. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm like wha when they never say dumb

9 Good shows were cancelled
10 Not enough celebrity voice actors

That's actualy a very bad reason. There's still plenty of celebrity voice actors in Disney films today.

The Contenders

11 Un-original

Only Frozen has been original and not from Pixar. - IsaiahWill22

12 Loss of hand drawn animation
13 No cursing or violence

Disney almost never had violence or cursing unless if you count some marvel movie but most are pg-13 so what do you expect

14 Trying too hard
15 No more originality

After Gravity Falls, nothing original was made again.

16 No more creativity

After Gravity Falls ended, creativity was gone.

17 Owning everything
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