Top Ten Things Wrong With Kids Today

I am ashamed of kids now because they some the most annoying things ever

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1 Listening to old bands

I listen to a lot of old bands, and nothing is wrong with me... Is there? - Wolftail

Not unless you go onto YouTube videos and brag about how much different you are and try to be loved by people. - poncho531

What the hell is this?! I think the correct term is "Listening to NEW Bands! "

I'm over 50 now and when I was younger I was listening to mid-sixties garage punk bands ( and I still do ). Meaning that when I was fifteen I listened to fifteen year old music. Many others of my generation did that also. My point is that this is NOT a wrong attitude of nowadays kids. It has always been. And like they say ; age doesn't count for good music.

Why does it matter what kind of music people listen to? You should be able to listen to anything that you like to listen to. - Rue

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2 Making references to old shows or movies without knowing what they are referencing

WHAT? Kids making references to old T.V. shows without having watched literally every single episode, and comic and whatever else there is to it? INREDEEMABLE!

3 Hipster kids

I'm 11 and be cool isn't my goal. All I care about is if it's fun/important not cool. It's okay if somebody doesn't think I'm as cool as somebody else. - Jake09

They act like they are cooler than other kids just because they are different, but they are actually much more annoying.

Do they act like adults do?


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4 Play games too much

I love playing a lot! - Neonco31

No, you're right. This is true. - EpicJake

Guys who play video games are unattractive

But then comes all of the girls who think Lets Players on YouTube are hot... - sdgeek2003

5 Always on Facebook or other social media

Sorry I hate social media - 2storm

Most of the teens and high-school students I see walking on the road are using social media, They're EVERYWHERE! - Neonco31

Not allowed to be on social media until next year. - Anonymousxcxc

Kids under 13 shouldn't be on Facebook - EpicJake

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6 Will go to food places and order coffee

Most kids (mostly teens) drink coffee to stay awake (Because the education system is garbage and they give you too much work that you can't get enough hours of sleep), not to act cool. - Rue

I'm sorry, its trying to get through the day on -3 hours of sleep! - keycha1n

Lol they try to act mature but acting like a mature person is the most childish thing to do you know.. - Ananya

Coffee and most of the other stuff I find disgusting and/or completely pointless and I am still technically a kid. - Anonymousxcxc

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7 Backtalk parents or people of authority

My neighbors are 7 and 10 years old and they don't respect their parents at all. - Ajkloth

My cat did that to my mom!

8 Special Snowflake Syndrome

If you don't know what it is, you definitely have it.

What the heck is that? - creed99


9 Thinking they're cool because of shoes / phones

This has been a thing for a long time though. - Rue

10 Thinks that they are going to grow up successful without an education

I could theoretically drop out and pursue art full-time. But I wont. Because I need an education to fall back on and also cause I want to go to college and double major... - keycha1n

It's definitely possible to become rich/successful without high school or college but it's better to just go through it. - Ajkloth

I want to be an orthopedic surgeon and I sure as hell know that I need to go through so much school... this isn't true and whoever put this here is trash. mostly every teenager knows they need to go to college if they want to survive in the world.

This should be #1!

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? Kids These Days Are So Sexually Active

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11 Always on their phones texting

AKA the majority of Americans - ONHOLIDAY

Or anyone - ONHOLIDAY

12 Speak in slang words constantly
13 Dating at a very young age

People start dating when they're like ten nowadays! Honestly, this is adolescence, we're all trying to find ourselves, we shouldn't be trying to find someone else. Be a "me" before you're a "we". - keycha1n

I started dating in 2nd Grade. I think that was a BIT too early. But I didn't cry because I missed the morning cartoons. I cried because I slept too early and missed the NIGHT cartoons. - AlphaQ

Kids these days cry about breaking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. When I was their age I cried about missing the morning cartoons

I'm twelve I don't have a girlfriend but a couple kids in my grade do and I see nothing wrong with it - opinionated4

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14 They take sports way too seriously

I love playing sports but kids in my school think its an actual game that's going to be on T.V.! I like to win but calm down, its not a real professional game and if you do something wrong they get in front of your face and start making you feel bad. - Gabriola

15 Constantly playing M games

I agree with this one! It depends on the kid's maturity but most kids are super immature for their age. So in general I'll disapprove it - Jake09

Because of this, all the people at my school are complete sociopaths. Thank you, idiot parents!

As a 13 year old, I can say most of the kids I know shouldn't play these.

Wow 90's kids picking on us 2010's kids just because we play Call of Duty.Wow.So,go back to playing Nintendo 90's kids.

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16 They will never know how Pikachu and Charizard were jerks in the beginning of Pokemon.

90's kid alert! 90's kid alert! Listen visitor, not all kids of today are like that. Some of us grow--and have grown up--in well educated families. We are not the stupid little hipster, ghetto, vain, and uncaring people you make us out to be. I don't care where you come from (probably a broken home yourself, by the way you're acting), but some of us are actually good. Now if you excuse me I have to read my lateset book "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" while you sit there and anonymously type bad things about people in your little close minded bubble of thoughts. Have a nice life Mr. Visitor. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Because not knowing something that happened in a time where they weren't born in when it comes to a fictional franchise means that there is something horribly wrong with them. /sarcasm - Rue

17 Acting obnoxious at school but in public they're normal

I'm 15 and don't act like this everyone else in my school does I want to swear at them for it - Ihateschool

Now this should be at number 1. - Anonymousxcxc

What? A lot of kids around here act obnoxious EVERYWHERE

18 Staying up till midnight

What's wrong with this? As long as you get a good nights sleep, I think its fine.

Mostly because a lot of schools bombard adolescents with too much homework that they literally can't sleep at a reasonable time. - Rue

Lol, this is me.

19 Acting slutty

I already know 9 girls who are pretty much gonna grow up to be prostitutes

Well... I don't see any difference girls of 17 and 10 years old because all of them know - Ananya

My mew why do parents let there kids IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL out the house in short shorts/short skirt & tank top? W t h? CPS needs to take those kids!

Well, that's also the parents fault, don't you think? If they're allowed to be dressed or act slutty it's because of their upbringing.

20 Consuming inappropriate media

My friends made me learn inappropriate things 19 months ago I barely knew anything inappropriate to be honest I wish I never knew blame my friends

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1. Thinking they're cool because of shoes / phones
2. Speak in slang words constantly
3. They take sports way too seriously
1. Listening to old bands
2. Hipster kids
3. Making references to old shows or movies without knowing what they are referencing



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