Top Ten Things Wrong With the List "Top Ten Dumbest Slang Words"


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1 People use those words because they are cool

Personally I don't mind slang, as long as it doesn't get too offensive. - Therandom

2 The maker of the list had nothing better to do with his time

Neither do you with your lists

3 It was made by a Grammar Nazi

Being a big cry baby if someone decided to type "u" instead of "you". It's the internet not writing with your pen.

Yeah. At least you still know what people are saying. I see some YouTube, TTT, and Instagram comments with NO punctuation and horrible grammar. You should at lwast be thankful that you know what they're talking about. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 People are getting butthurt over words

The world has bigger problems - KoolGuy2218

This statement is factually correct. People get buthurt over swearing while Obama has failed to destroy ISIS. Hell, it's gotten stronger with Obama's presidency. - Therandom

5 It violates the 1st Amendment

How does it violate the 1st Amendment? The people were expressing their opinions. I personally think some slang words are stupid. Yes, you can say what you want, but they were just saying what they wanted to say.

We have freedom of speech, so we can say what we want - KoolGuy2218

6 It tries too hard to get attention

So do you

7 Only nerds argue over words

That barely offensive to us nerds. The maker of this is probably some jerky, dumb jock trying to be cool. - FennikenFan9

8 It's overrated
9 It's boring
10 It's unnecessary

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11 It's filled with hypocrites

I know this person is a troll, but this list is filled with hypocrites. People are complaining about words in long comments, and in those comments they are saying "dumbass", "'", and "crap" every 5 seconds. Its really annoying. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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