Top 10 Things Wrong With the List "Top 10 Girls You Would Want to See Naked"


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1 It's perverted

I didn't even know that that was actually the name of a list... - Minecraftcrazy530

Yep. - waraypiso


Of course - ParkerFang

2 The title itself is offensive

That list is just plain creepy and I find it offensive. - cosmo

Come on guys delete this thing!

I r8 8/8, m8! great job, m8. - BorisRule

3 It's gross
4 People actually made remixes

How did that list even get approved. - egnomac

5 It's dimwitted
6 It's just a weirdly idiotic thing to be thinking about
7 It's a little sexist
8 People actually agree with it
9 The comments are getting thumbs up even though they are pervertedly rude

I already hate that list and I haven't even seen it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yeah, I'm going to thumbs down every single comment except the one at the top saying that this list is perverted. That was me.

10 It's a disgusting topic to talk to about

That's true - waraypiso

The Contenders

11 It has users of this site on it

Then that list is declared 100% creepy. Why just why? - cosmo

It does? That's intimidating. D8 - SamuiNeko

Then the people must be extremely either a) scared b) angry c) confused, and finally d) disgustingly satisfied. - MaxAurelius

12 It might put girls off TheTopTens entirely
13 We can't actually see them naked here

It is weird someone would put that on there imagine what those people think oh hey look it is my first time on thetoptens I am getting of this website someone wants to see me naked they're a creep they might say.

That is a good thing


14 It will might attract pedophiles, child molesters, and rapists to this website

That list needs to get deleted. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 It contains cussing
16 It's racist


17 Katy Perry is on it


18 It's pedophilia
19 It has no dignity
20 Kristina Pimenova Is on it and she is a child

She is 12 at the time of writing this and probability 11 when put on some sick pedo wants to see her naked

Gross at least the other women on there are old enough to consent

I know

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1. It's perverted
2. The title itself is offensive
3. The comments are getting thumbs up even though they are pervertedly rude
1. It's perverted
2. It's gross
3. The title itself is offensive


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