Top Ten Things Wrong with the Mainstream Media in the United States

Mainstream media these days is absolutely awful, biased towards one side or another, and often twist stories to make them seem worse than they are. We are looking at the top ten things wrong with the mainstream media.

The Top Ten

1 They Twist Many Stories

I have been hearing for a bit of years now how they try to sympathy of one side, and make the other things look bad. Its been overdone to the point they don't even bother covering it up like they use to back than. Its more like less like what alternative news source can you go with no bias party involved anymore is where it all comes down to in honest story telling.

Just look at the Covington Catholic High School students story, how they supposedly went after a Native American man. The media found the opportunity to twist this story and to pounce on these boys just because they were Christian Trump supporters at a pro life rally. I read the mainstream media’s lies about this incident, and it was disgusting.

Literally every major news network does this now it’s ridiculous how instead of just giving us the facts they only focus on what makes their side look good. Now instead of getting news you have to pick a network that caters to your beliefs

Virtually every mainstream news site does this and it shows that they can't be trusted. Honestly I'd listen to "fake" news before CNN or Fox.

Actually if you listened to both CNN and Fox you will get both extremes of the story and then come to your own conclusion if the story interests you enough by doing more research

2 They are Mostly Liberal

I wish the mainstream media was as liberal as it is made out to be, because then maybe it would report on all the military interventions the U.S. is involved in overseas. If the media were actually liberal, then it wouldn't be smearing real liberals, like Bernie Sanders, all the time. The mainstream media also regularly trashes on liberal policies, like Medicare for All, that would benefit the average American. The reality is that the mainstream media is owned by multi-billion dollar companies, and as such, it has an establishment bias that favors multi-billion dollar companies. If the mainstream media were truly liberal, then it would be a threat to the billionaire class that owns it.

Rarely can I find both sides of anything with a single news source. It’s 90% liberal and 10% conservative. Want names of liberal sources? CNN, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, the New York Times, NBC, ABC, BuzzFeed, and USA Today just to name a few.

And that’s a problem because they always put whatever the liberals want to hear into the light and drag the conservatives in the dirt as if they’re evil. What’s the point of reporting news if you don’t give both sides of the story?

And they aren't even real liberals.

3 They Shove Their Opinions Down Our Throats

Just give us the damn news from both viewpoints and leave it at that. We should be able to form opinions on what the news is but nope we have to question what’s true or not because news sources only report what they want to in order to look good

They never let the people form their own opinions. Both sides of the media have done this. They shove their biased opinions down our throats and expect us to agree with them. And if someone doesn’t, they get called out for it. They don’t even give the facts anymore so we can’t even form our own opinion.

Exactly the is the problem with our government it encourage this cut throat mentality within its people you are either a liberal or your a conservative and your both terrible so tear at each others throat and don't pay attention to politics

Don't conservatives shove their opinions down our throats?

Firstly you never been to an abortion clinic before then, you obviously ignored the many white nationalists marches that have been going on since 2016.
Secondly people are not protesting because Hilary Clinton lost, a lot of liberals hate Clinton and wished that Sanders had won the Democratic nominee, they protest because a racist narcissist that ran on a thinly veiled racist catchphrase and then continued to proof that his racist catchphrase was indeed intentional.
You never see conservatives act like a lunatic because you agree with their point of view and anyone that agrees with your point of view can't be a lunatic and a toddler throwing a temper tantrum

To be honest, the phrase "shove _____ down our throats" is so overused on this site.

4 They Relentlessly Attack Someone Without Knowing Everything About the Certain Incident

I have seen this one too many times. They often times attack who they like without knowing things about a certain situation.

Don't Conservatives do the same thing?

5 They Never Acknowledge the Good Things Donald Trump Does

Don’t even say he has not done good things. He pulled us out of the Paris climate accord to combat pollution in the U.S. first, he’s stood up to the Democrats, at times when many conservatives would cave in, he’s creating thousands of jobs everyday, he’s combating dangerous illegal immigrants, he’s protecting the second amendment. But we never hear about those. Instead, the media takes him down for giving the Clemson football team fast food for their visit to the White House. Seriously? They’ll find anything to make Trump look bad.

Because any economic actions takes years for them to actually take effect and be noticeable to the people, so if the previous President puts out legislation to fix the state of our economy those implementation wouldn't show up until the next President comes into office. If Trump did good things for our economy we will see that during the next 4 years

Conservatives never acknowledge the MANY THINGS Donald Trump has done wrong since you know, he's not even a politician.

And I do agree it comes down to perspective and not all of us have the same perspective. What matters is which candidates have the perspective of a majority of groups/people. And right now that is Trump.

All the news networks seem to drag him in the dirt except the conservative ones. I don’t agree with everything he’s done but he’s done better than the media gives him credit for

They really don't. All I here is negative.

6 They Lie on a Daily Basis

Don't all politicians lie on a daily basis?

Just look at the whole BuzzFeed controversy. I’ve also seen a lot of false things in the Washington Post as well.

It’s not lying but rather manipulating the truth to make one side look good. Every news network does this now.

7 They are Mostly Liberal Propoganda

Just browse through some of their websites and channels. What do they look like to you?

But isn't this list conservative propaganda?

Yes you can but be honest, the media doesn't suck because it is liberal it sucks because it either plays liberal or conservative propaganda, because those that see themselves as liberal want news that support their views just like conservatives want news that support their views even if it isn't true

Said by a conservative propagandist

8 They View Liberals as People Who Can Do No Wrong

They try to make Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders look good, which is quite difficult to do. Liberals are anything but perfect. Both conservatives and liberals have their faults, but they seem to like to expose the conservative faults and make liberals look good. They make people think Obama is the best thing that’s happened to the world since the wheel.

No one thinks that Obama is the best thing that happened to the world just that his Presidency was the most ground breaking, you know, because he was the first black President which meant that maybe other minorities could become President as well. Just that Trump makes people wish we had a more stable President like Obama

Don't you view Conservatives as people who can do no wrong?

9 They View Conservatives as Criminals

Yeah, there are some conservative criminals, but they are practically saying that all of them are criminals. You want a criminal? Look at Hillary Clinton. But wait, they do not want to make her look bad, so they ignore all the crimes she has committed.

Hillary Clinton is a nobody and hence no one talks about her, whereas Trump is the current president of the United States we always scrutinize the people that hold the most power and see has how most of Trump Presidency was with a house controlled by conservatives, conservatives will be the main focus, liberals only recently took control of the house which is a good thing because it at least brings some balance to a conservative heavy White House

I'm not a Conservative, but I don't like it when they do this. Sure, there are some Conservatives who should be in jail, but not all of them are criminals. Also, there are some Liberals who are criminals.

Don't you view Liberals as criminals?

There was a wonderful youtube video made that is over an hour long devoted to why he shouldn't be taken seriously, because saying what is wrong is just ridiculous is it wrong to have pro conservative views absolutely not, is it wrong to misconstrue the facts to support your views (it is questionable and should make you question their validity and why their taking so seriously) but no. Is it wrong to be racist no though it doesn't make your character look good, is it wrong to be sexist no but again it doesn't make your character look good, is it wrong to knowingly lie, no but it does make you dishonest, which isn't what you want from a political spokesperson.
If your argument is yeah but did they do anything wrong is just misleading and a terribly low bar to hold people at. Do you really want to be that person that goes well they didn't destroy the world so they can't be bad, especially when there are actually good conservatives political spokespeople that aren't dishonest and have ...more

10 They Act Like They Know Everything About a Certain Topic

This pertains a lot to sports media. There are a lot of writers who think they know everything going on inside a certain sports team and misguides everyone to believing what they say, when in reality, they are completely wrong.

Don't you and other Conservatives act like you know everything?

Then when you take news sites, if a person is paid to have a certain leaning that person will get fired if they take a stance that is against that leaning or if a person of another leaning comes on and makes them look foolish. This is true for a lot of independent politics sources as well

No one knows literally everything.

The Contenders

11 They keep trying to put black Americans and white Americans against each other.

Yes this a hundred percent correct.

And I don't like that.

12 They Talk About The British Royal Family Even Though No One Cares


13 They keep shoving political crap that divides the people down our throats.
14 They are Controlled by Large Corporations
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