Top Ten Things Wrong with Our Society

There are many things wrong with society. These "rules" Are just a huge waste of time and energy. Nobody needs to fit into society. Our society is brainwashed and the adults are brainwashing kids and teens into this code America has to follow according to our society. I'm never letting society change who I am as a person.I'm against it. And here's why.

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1 Pedophiles

Their are pedophiles in the world, but that doesn't mean that we accepted them in our society (we don't accept them at all - it's illegal and a perversion). Also, I don't know anyone who has ever said "we should accept pedophiles! " I think anyone who has said that is a pedophile their-self

I know it's a mental illness, but it's still wrong and should be treated not the same as other people. - Luckys

It's a mental disorder. If they can't help it they should seek help.

They are horrible, but really if pedophilia is a mental illness, then shouldn't we send them to mental asylum? - BorisRule

Yes, that is our point exactly, they should be at a place that would get them help - germshep24

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2 Not accepting gay people

I find some of them to be annoying in my opinion. - Crizz

The whole list and items is why aliens won't visit us. And one main reason is because we humans are a dumb species and we shall not interfere and change that; it is encrypted every single detail of our own being as whole. If stupidity is removed, the human race wouldn't exist at all. - Kevinsidis

Some lgbt people are retarded in my opinion. - Crizz

Some lgbt people are annoying in my opinion. And I feel like they are making problems for themselves these days. - Crizz

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3 Being easily offended

My friend and I got in a fight about how I don't like Billie Eilish as much as she does, and how in my opinion Anime sucks. And she said that I try to be like everyone else in school which made me really sad. - Luckys

There have been people who have yelled at me when I state my opinion and then won't talk to me ever again. I have yet to find two people who agree on everything. People try to become offended by looking for opportunities to be, and it makes no sense because it doesn't help anything - SirSheep

I see no issue with this, I feel sorry for them it just means their parents sheltered them too much, this is just a showing of poor parenting, well outside of trolls that like to pretend they are offended by something just because they like to create conflict - germshep24

Yes come on if I say I have a certain political view I should not be called a racist or a sexist - RawIsgore

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4 SJWs

What kind of pathetic fool thinks "SJWs" are a bigger problem than poverty, climate change, war, and oppression of minorities. - Y2K

Anti-SJWs are equally bad. This whole argument between them and their shared characteristics are the literal example of the horse-shoe theory. - Bolshoy_Brat

Instead of trying to give people more rights (although these people usually already have these rights), they prefer to take away the rights of others.

Self explanatory.

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5 Forcing career choices

Parents sometimes force kids to be this or be that when they grow up. Like forcing them to be a doctor for example. If they're passions and dreams are something else then don't make them be a doctor.

"Hey son, I found some jobs I'm looking for but found some great ones for you! " except that none of these are good for me because they require experience up the wazoo and certifications that literally one out of one trillion people have. You can't force these things on your child. Let THEM control their own lives, and only help them if they ask. - Nonpointed

You should never force a job on someone. - RadioHead03

I know right. - DarkBoi-X

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6 The idea of genders

I feel so anti-feminist for saying this, but there's two. One to put the baby in (male) and one to hold it for nine months and push it out (female). All the infinite others aren't biological.
As for the whole 'assuming genders' thing, I think it's fine to assume genders, even though some stupid people have mistaken me for a long-haired boy because of my dramatic contralto voice. If you get someone's gender incorrect, they can just TELL YOU. - WheresMyGuitarPick

There are only 2 genders, I'm sure most people don't even know that.
...Who would've thought that we'd be telling humans about number of genders, Earth's shape, Importance of vaccines in 2019. - Ananya

There are only 2 "sexes" because even biologist can't agree that there are only 2 sexes, but gender is a spectrum, kind of like political leaning, it is how person fits in our society according to what that society said a male should be and a female should be - germshep24

There are only 2 genders people. Even if you're transgender, if you were born a boy and turn into a girl, you're a girl. If you were born a girl, and turn into a boy, you're a boy! - Luckys

Your getting sex and gender confused, and if your biological a boy and get turned into a girl you would technically be both a boy (biologically) and girl (by gender), so trans-gendered - germshep24

I'm pretty sure genders exist...

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7 Poverty Poverty

Needs to be gone. - TopTenTed

This brings along other problems such as starvation

This should be number 1 already. - DarkBoi-X

Poverty leads to (or exacerbates) all of these other problems. This should be in the top 3.

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8 War

This should be number one. - Marine_Soldier

9 Animal abuse

PETA kills animals. - InfinateSuperstorm

People who abuse animals or kill them should get their careers terminated ASAP

When you see an animal being abused, it is one of the most saddest things ever. They don’t deserve to be abused, AT ALL

There’s a difference between abusing animals and killing them for food. - Randomator

10 Not accepting atheists and goths

On December 27th 2018 there was a protest outside of a Marilyn Manson concert. People still see Goths and atheists as evil for not believing in God. Look at the amount of protests outside of rock concerts. Nobody has to believe anything. And nobody has to wear color, listen to mainstream music, and be a cheerful child.

Goths and atheism are two completely different things, a Goth can believe in God or not, you can be a Goth and Christian they don't conflict. Goth is more of just a theme that they find interesting
Whereas an Atheist sees the flaws in religious scripture and surmises that it was man made and not the work of a God, their openness to the concept of God are varying depending on the individual some are open to the existence of a God if one could provide something more concrete than this book says that God exists - germshep24

When I told my friend I turned atheist, he acted like the queen just died - TeamRocket747

And emos

Most atheists are mean, I'm christian and I'm cool with atheists, but sometimes they get on my damn nerves. - Luckys

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11 Religious Fundamentalism

Should be much higher - germshep24

12 Treating pedophilia as normal

It was more like his fictional characters personality.
Maybe it's because I liked his face many females would.
...oh well whatever he is gone now.

I don't get why you would have an attraction to little kids. That's not normal. - Luckys

Search up agefluid, and you'll be drinking bleach. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Uh, No! Why would you even treat pedophilia as a good thing? - JoeBoi

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13 Drug Abuse Drug Abuse

yup. - Crizz

14 Climate Change

You can't control the weather though

15 Stigmatization of mental illnesses

Especially ones in the cluster b category. - Gabriola

16 Not accepting autism

Surprised that smartphones/social media isn't on here.

Yeah more people should accept and respect autism. Not all autistic people are hypersensitive or bad people. - Userguy44

Most people hate me once they learn I have Asperger's. Some people don't even know (I study social skills.) Yet as soon as I go to the office during pep assemblies to avoid the noise, I am called out, then somebody tells them, and I get teased relentlessly. - Cyri

Making a joke saying something's autistic is one thing. Completely excluding someone because they're autistic is another

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17 Rapists

Disgusting people

18 Pressure on kids and teens

Your personal experience and/or what your friends tell you does not dictate all of society. There are parents out there that are more lenient, and parents that are more strict. It varies greatly.

Parents expect kids and teens to be perfect and fit in their little bubble of what society says they should be. They're just children. They don't need that huge burden on their back.

It’s when kids and teens are persuaded into doing dangerous things such as smoking, drinking, and having sex underage. - JoeBoi

True.But Adam has a point too. - DarkBoi-X

19 Body shaming

Society thinks that a perfect body for a woman is big breasts, big ass, and skinny. And for men it's hunky. And fat people get body shamed all the time for not being a "perfect" body shape. It doesn't matter what shape or size you are. It's inside beauty that matters.

If the person is healthy and happy there is no reason to body shame them but if they are an unhealthy weight there should be concern from your friends about your unhealthy habits, to act like everything is all right means that you are being cruel - germshep24

The Top Tens has a problem with doing this all the time.

LMAO! Obesity is a disease! That's like protesting that your friend with cancer cannot play with you because he is laying in a hospital bed. How about instead of doing nothing about an unhealthy condition that many, many people have, we try to get those people to excersise goddamnit. - Nigbruh

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20 Not knowing to live and let live

Just letting others have own lives and make choices or have opinions without judgement. - Lightnin9

21 Racism

African American people can't even be safe in their houses anymore without some dumb head killing them

I mean I think what you are saying is a little extreme but I guess it depends where you live - RawIsgore

22 How girls and women are expected to dress, act, and do with their lives.

Women and girls are always targeted in society. Society thinks women and girls should dress in pink fancy clothes, only have natural makeup, only have natural hair, must be perfect, and expect to have a husband and children. First of all I hate dresses. I look like an 8 year old in dresses. I prefer ripped jeans and sweatshirts. Nobody told you to be their stylist. I wear natural makeup and other types of makeup. Society says no lipstick colors other than pink and red and I think that's incorrect because I can wear whatever makeup I want. I walk around in teal lipstick some days not giving a damn about what anyone says. Once I wore black lipstick. And I hate when people say natural hair only because everything we do as humans to our appearance is expressing ourselves. Women and girls are also expected to act perfect and you know what nobody's perfect. Do we really want to put that pressure on our children? I personally never never want to get married and especially NEVER HAVE KIDS. ...more

Personally I would change it to how male and females are expected to dress, act, and do with their live. There is no reason that a guy should be looked down upon because he is wearing a skirt or dress.just like a women shouldn't be judged because she wants to wear clothes that aren't considered feminine. Just like both guys and gals should be able to wear mascara, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, or eye shadow if they want to or not and not be judged for it. Clothing and make-up is an expression of self and isn't gender specific - germshep24

This has been a part of society for millenniums. I'd say America has actually made more progress for gender equality than in some 3rd world countries.

It is sort of a problem. But I honestly adore dresses and I am fine with women dressing in men’s clothes. - TopTenTed

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23 Disease

It tears people’s hearts, especially with deadly ones like cancer. - JoeBoi

24 Selfish people

A.k.a ELITE, 1%, "billionaires", peerage, blood lines ----> the ones who finance every degeneration, war, depopulation plan, mass-media

25 Sex before marriage

People can have sex whenever they want. Nobody needs to wait before marriage. That's a long wait and it's not you're decision when people want to have sex. It's only natural. Do it when your body is ready. Don't just wait until marriage.

My mom does it all the time. I was born without marriage. 11 years later, my sister wad born without you guessed it, MARRIAGE - TeamRocket747

Oh well my parents never married.

Where have you been?!?!?! People have been having sex before marriage, for almost a century now, & nobody bats an eye! - clusium

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26 Cultural Marxism
27 Political correctness
28 Domestic Violence Domestic Violence

That picture is horrible. - TopTenTed

Oh my lord, that picture. - TopTenTed

Basically abusers

29 Egotism
30 Alt-Right Alt-Right
31 People Who Support Abortion

I support it, but only if having a child would very negatively affect the mother and/or father. - Cyri

Woman can do whatever she wants to do with her body, Grow up anti aborters! - Crizz

Adding on to what I said earlier, apparently the Democrats have passed a bill that would allow doctors to kill BORN babies who survived a botched abortion. Yes you read that right. Honestly how can you support this party? This law is pure evil and is beyond sickening! Anyone who supports abortion in non extreme cases should go to hell! - Randomator

Born babies? That's a whole different story and THAT's screwed up.

I support abortion

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32 Extreme Feminists

It is true. Although not all, I would say 45% of feminists are extreme; these want to have more power than men. Other feminists are well... not okay.

Looking at you piplup

I know an extreme feminist user on this site...and I don't like her. And I'm a feminist myself (not extreme). - WheresMyGuitarPick

This item is sexist! Whoever added this is a secist male!

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33 Internet addiction
34 People who try too hard to be edgy

I'm edgy without even trying

I'm trying not to be edgy but I am, or at least that's what others say - JazzPunk

35 Flat Earthers

There are a ton of these in my school

36 Anti-SJWS

Some of them are just as bad as sjws

37 Alcohol Abuse

Yea this is a huge problem

38 White Supremacist

There are too many of these people in the world today. They hate non-white people, the LGBT and disabled people. - JoeBoi


39 Anti-Vaccine People

Why on earth would people not vaccinate their kids? Do they think it causes autism? Well, even if it did, would you rather have an autistic child or a dying child? - JoeBoi

I'm sorry I forgot to add them here. Forget sjws. These people are dangerous. They are a danger to their children and other people's children. They think they're so smart and that they know everything but they're dumb. Whoever said vaccines cause autism is stupid and needs their brain checked. And last time I checked they're not the doctor. They didn't go to school to become a doctor.

40 Grades

This is ridiculous. School is important. Regardless if you're going to use what you learn in school or not it does set you up with important skills for the future.
Everything before high school gradually sets you up for high school. High school is the most important, because it's essentially judgment time for what college you get into. What college you get into will give you different fields to explore, and what degree you choose to finish college with ultimately determines your career choice. A good education will set you up for a great future, especially if you take it seriously. The grades determine whether or not you can fully understand the material that's setting you up for the future.
So yeah, grades are important.

Again another giant burden on children's backs. Basically what society says is a mark on a paper determines your entire future. School is unnecessary and just causes stress.

Wow just wow this is the funniest comment I have ever seen so let me ask you this say if someone wanted to get a job but knows nothing because they never went to school should people hire not the person if you say yes then you should agree that school and grades are important if you say no I feel terribly bad for you and what happened during your childhood - RawIsgore

Grades are stressful. You have to depend on them to pass school. - RadioHead03

Grades are dumb things that cause unnecessary stress, school is about learning not trying to get straight A, school would be much better if it was just a pass or fail system - germshep24

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41 Having to become an adult

Becoming an adult doesn't have to be a bad thing, you can be responsible and have fun at the same time, you can be an adult and play video games, watch cartoon, and other kid things - germshep24

We grow up, okay? - RadioHead03

Becoming an adult is normal - ElSherlock

Boo hoo hoo you have to become an adult!

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42 Overprotective parents

They always set so many pointless rules for their kids because they don’t want them to take risks, even though it can be okay to do so sometimes. - JoeBoi

Yesss this is sooo bad I got traumatized by them! -Demon_Kitty

When people hate this generation it’s partly the fault of the parents - Randomator

Kinda one of the reasons for special snowflake syndrome.

43 Liberalism
44 Rule 34 Artists Rule 34 Artists

Not really in my opinion - Crizz

You can ignore them if you want. Safe Filter exists in the searches. - yamionthetrap

Y'know, you can easily avoid R34 and R34 artists right?

oh,my god

45 Short-fused people

But what if they can't help it

People who get angry fast about little things. They are often very self-righteous and unsympathetic about the effect of their anger on other people. - Userguy44

Not me. I have a short fuse, yet I try to control my rage. I'm not the best at it, but I try my hardest to avoid causing harm to others. Anger clouds my vision sometimes but never, not even once, has it blinded me. - Cyri

I am guilty then? I am trying to control my anger, it's difficult to get a hold of it, but I will try to avoid it. - yamionthetrap

LMAO I used to be like this but yeah.They suck - DarkBoi-X

46 People being scared of the wrong things

Keron Mahabir is scared of female Dragon Ball Super characters except for 10,12, 14 and 15 for example.

Yes people let’s calm down about Donald trump starting world war 3 - RawIsgore

47 People Who Think Swearing is a Sin

I get complaints all the time for swearing at 13 and honestly swearing is just words. They're just words in the English language and shouldn't be treated like a sin-Demon_Kitty

I still don't like to swear - Pokemonfan10

I don't swear unless ass counts one but seriously they are just words with little meaning.Of course they aren't entirely meaningless as they are used to express anger or excitement but seriously,all these hypersensitive people need to stop. - DarkBoi-X

48 Kinkshaming

Er uh

49 Conservatism
50 Religious Ideals
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