Things Wrong with Showcases in the Pokemon Anime

You hear how people are bothered by Pokemon Showcases while criticizing Serena. Well, so am I.

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1 It's not about the Pokemon

"Pokemon are equivalent to props"
You hit the nail on the head, Ruee. I completely agree. That is exactly my main problem with showcases.

At the very least, it teaches Pokemon trainers to work with them rather than making them do most of the work

I don't really hate Serena; it's Amourshipping itself that I have a problem with - yungstirjoey666

2 It promotes sexist ideals about girls/women

They literally held a girls only baking competition. Twice

The only time they battled was when they were accompanied with another male

3 It's based off popularity, not skill

So true. Even dawn wouldn't have beaten aria because of this fact alone. - HeavyDonkeyKong

4 The tasks are based on feminine stereotypes

And if you step out of those stereotypes, the audience won't vote for you. As shown when Jessie tried to be innovative and show her personal quirkiness in her first performance.

5 It's exclusive to one gender while literally everything else in the Pokemon universe is not
6 There is barely any effort involved in winning the competitions
7 You can win without putting any thought to your Pokemon, just yourself

Yeah, putting emphasis on the trainer rather than the Pokemon has been considered low class since day one in the anime. Serena/Kalos region comes along and now it's ok?

8 The writers realized that Showcases were pointless that they switched Serena's goal from a Pokemon Performer to a Contest Coordinator

The best Ed, Edd n Eddy quote to describe how I feel about the writers doing this at the last minute: "That's stupid! I could've thought of that! " - Eddy. Wow, why didn't they just do contests again in the first place?! It would have been so much better to watch than those sexist showcases! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

How very telling!


If you don't like her lists than why do you go out of your way to look at her lists and comment? Just bug off!

9 Idol culture does not belong in Pokemon
10 It's one of the most pointless goals in Pokemon for a female companion

Let's send the message that girls should strive for the shallow goal of becoming celebrities who are loved because they're "cute". SO useless and pointless!

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11 Those Ryhorn had no reason to head towards Serena
12 It doesn't involve connecting with your Pokemon.
13 Showcases present everything that Pokemon should not be about
14 Rip off of contests
15 It uses Pokemon like props
16 It's about fashion and beauty, whereas the whole Pokemon anime is about bonding with your Pokemon
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