Things Wrong with Toad's Deadly Secret

Oh, how this theory aggravates me just thinking about it! The evidence contradicts itself, and the theory is poorly supported!!! Toads aren't actually people taken over by cordyceps. Let me show you ten reasons why this theory is wrong! (BTW no hate for MatPat just trying to show fans he can make mistakes).

I'm basically going to write out the argument MatPat gives and then write a comment disproving the argument.

The Top Ten

1 Peach is the villain behind all the Cordyceps.

Dumbest argument in the video. If Peach is the one behind all of it, why would BOWSER SUPPOSEDLY SAVE HER? Wouldn't Bowser find out pretty soon she was the one who did it? Why would Bowser have a crush on Peach if she spreads the Cordyceps? You contradicted yourself again! "How can an airhead rule over the kingdom? " HOW CAN AN AIRHEAD USE CORDYCEPS TO INFECT THE TOADS? You contradicted yourself AGAIN! The final reason he believes this to be true is because Peach's other name was Princess Toadstool. *Facepalm*. TOADSTOOL IS PEACH'S LAST NAME, NOT SOME EVIL CRIME ALIAS! Plus in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, Peach is a BABY and the Toads are still Toads! - DCfnaf

2 Bowser is helping Peach by kidnapping her so she doesn't get infected.

So where exactly does CONQUERING THE UNIVERSE fit into this? And what about Super Mario World where there are no Toads in Dinosaur Land? The RPGs also prove this wrong since Peach HATES Bowser and Bowser has selfish reasons to kidnap Peach. - DCfnaf

3 Bowser puts down horsetail plants to stop the spread of the mushrooms.


4 Since Toad and Toadette don't have a crush on each other, the entire toad race doesn't reproduce.

So...if I don't have children that means the entire human race can't reproduce? NO! We see a married couple and their son in the RPGs! - DCfnaf

5 Scientists have recently discovered a method for drying out mycelia and mixing it with other natural compounds to create a self growing material that's stronger than concrete, and Bowser turns toads into bricks.

Scientists RECENTLY DISCOVERED THIS. Meaning in Super Mario Bros, which came out in 1985, IT IS A COINCEDENCE! - DCfnaf

6 Toads have 36,000 genders.

You showed us earlier that Toads are genderless! You contradicted yourself again! - DCfnaf

7 All the Goombas defected from the Mushroom Kingdom

No they betrayed It. Plus Goombario and Goombella don't work for Bowser. - DCfnaf

8 Cordyceps kill their host, yet the toads are living

Cordyceps kill their host so how is Toadsworth alive? - DCfnaf

9 Mario is the hero of the story (maybe)

Referencing your awful Mario Is Mental Theory. - DCfnaf

10 Toads are usually in dark places
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