Ten Things Wrong with Waluigi Fans


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1 They spam unnecessary memes

"Waaah" "Too bad Waluigi time" "Waluigi is god" annoying memes - yunafreya648

Waluigi real - peachandmangodrench

Wah - DapperPickle

For example, “WALUIGI IS GOD” - KingSlayer93316

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2 They hate Luigi and Wario

They call Luigi and Wario Mario clones when Waluigi is the clone here - yunafreya648

Guys seriously? Wario is my favorite Mario character closely followed by Luigi, then Mario and Waluigi. - darthvadern

Waluigi real - peachandmangodrench

Well it's their opinion so...

and also they are probably just pretending to be elitist Waluigi fans, since they are memers as said in Number 1. - DapperPickle

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3 They can't accept that he's filler

As long as they accept that Waluigi isn't as important as Donkey Kong, Mario, Yoshi et cetera, they don't have to think that he's filler. - TheYoshiPyro64

And accuse Daisy for being filler - yunafreya648

Isn't that an opinion? - TheYoshiPyro64

Waluigi real - peachandmangodrench

4 They bully Daisy and Rosalina fanbase

Because they know that they're worse than Daisy and Rosalina fans - yunafreya648

Irrelevant, not all of the fans do this. - mattstat716

Daisy is gay - peachandmangodrench

5 They can't accept opinions

Only like 5% of the Fanbase does

Waluigi real - peachandmangodrench

6 They're jealous of other Mario characters

No because they aren't real and waluigi real - peachandmangodrench

No I'm not. - darthvadern

7 They send death threats

Waluigi real or you die - peachandmangodrench

That's a bad stereotype

If y'all keep on, you'll never see Waluigi again.

Irrelevant, not all of the fans do this. - mattstat716

8 They can't shut up about how good he is
9 They think he's sexy

No I do not think so. - darthvadern

Yeah no he's crippled deformed and looks like he has anorexia - Randomator

How many times have you seen Waluigi in a wheelchair!? Oh right, none. - TheYoshiPyro64

Waluigi real he's in an underground bunker and obama knows - peachandmangodrench

They are certainly joking about that, though. - DapperPickle

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10 They hate Mario Kart 7

Waluigi real mario kart 7 not - peachandmangodrench

Seriously? I'm a huge fan of Waluigi but Mario Kart 7 is my favorite Mario Kart game, get some study before you add an item please. - darthvadern

He don't need to be there anyways - yunafreya648

I dislike waluigi not being there.
I like the game.
ALSO.. That's an opinion. Your argument is invalid. - mattstat716

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11 They are mean towards Daisy and Rosalina

Rosalina overrated - peachandmangodrench

Which I don't know why - yunafreya648

12 They insult you if you don't like him

I never insulted a Waluigi hater. - darthvadern

13 They hate any game that waluigi isn't in

Mario Kart 7 for example - yunafreya648

No! I love Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D World and Land, Yoshi's Wooly World, New Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart: Super Circuit, see!? - darthvadern

14 They are too nice

Only true option here - WendyIsQueen

Lmao hahaaha that's a good one! - Randomator

15 They don't respect opinions

This does NOT go for all Waluigi fans. - darthvadern

Most don’t Some actually do respect opinions

16 They think he's original

Which he's not - yunafreya648

I mean, even if you hate him, he is not really unoriginal.

Well at least he has a personality, he is greedy and tall and skinny. And treats Warío like friend, and Wario treats Waluigi as a friend too, best friendship in Mario ever! - darthvadern

17 They are not nice

Not all of the fans do this, so your point is invalid. - mattstat716

It is. You're insulting a group of people that includes me for having an opinion on a character by generalizing all of them as "not nice". It is now my problem. - mattstat716

Correction: SOME are nice, and some are not. - darthvadern

18 They want him in Smash

Adolf Waluigi - B1ueNew

19 They hate Rosalina because they think Waluigi is not in smash when he really is

I think Rosalina is still an out-of-the-blue character.

But I don't hate her. - mattstat716

He's an assist trophy geez Waluigi fans - yunafreya648

False, I love Waluigi and I think Rosalina is good as well. - darthvadern

20 They harassed Sakurai
21 They act like 7 year olds
22 They hate Daisy for Super Mario Run
23 They Pick on Honey Queen Over Mario Kart 7

Well, it makes sense.
It's a completely out-of-the-blue character. I don't think anyone wanted this character to be in the roster. - mattstat716

She is just an odd choice, no one requesting her is irrelevant, blame Metal Mario for Waluigi's absence. - DaisyandRosalina

24 They want him to have his own spin-off game

People want Sonic to have a good game, but I don't see hate about that. - mattstat716

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1. They can't accept that he's filler
2. They can't accept opinions
3. They hate Luigi and Wario
1. They spam unnecessary memes
2. They're jealous of other Mario characters
3. They bully Daisy and Rosalina fanbase
1. They can't accept that he's filler
2. They are mean towards Daisy and Rosalina
3. They can't shut up about how good he is


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