Top Ten Things Wrong With Warrior Cats

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21 The warrior code itself

I don't see anything wrong with the code. The thing that's wrong is how the code is broken more than a trillion times and StarClan forgives everyone who broke the code no matter how much they break it (EXCEPT Mapleshade, which I feel bad for). StarClan should be stricter and be fair towards every cat - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

22 Cats changing genders

Well Shellheart did. - cassiabez

23 Pinestar is older than Leopardfoot, and her parents

It's just weird! Imagine something like that in real life though...

24 Bluestar's life sucked

Mom killed, Sister killed, gives up kits, tigerclaw/star is a traitor, goes insane, mistyfoot/stonefur hate her, dies by dogs (that is best part of her life technicaly) good afterlife in starclan

25 Graystripe still thinks Mistystar is his daughter, who's actually his cousin in law that is older than him

For me Mistystar is just like Feathertail and Stonefur is just like Stormfur.But,Sorry Erin but that mistake was ridiculous - cassiabez

26 People like villains for no reason
27 The Erin's not being able to decide on colors (e.g. Crowfeather's eyes, Dovewing's eyes, Scourge's collar, Bone's collar...)
28 Snowkit dies just to move Speckletail to the elders' den
29 Erin Hunter confused Thistlepaw, Sedgepaw and Swallowpaw's genders

Yes. Sedgepaw is a she-cat and now a tom. I mean SERIOUSLY

30 Every Single Greencough Death
31 Obvious writing

I mean! Why do you have to write something that is obvious!

32 Why is there even a Dark Forest
33 Too Predictable

By the way read my username and my profile picture. :3 - WarriorCatsHater

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