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To Bring Back the Attitude Era

When Ric Flair said to Nattie "kill yourself", you all had a spaz about it. and when Vince dropped the F bomb, most of you moaned about it. you all bitch about this and yet you beg for the attitude era to come back

To Bring Back Stone Cold

YES that's exactly what they need them being hit with steel chairs in the head and not bleedings makes it look really fake its way to family friendly

Yes I know there's nothing I can do about this, but it is wrestling. You can't make it that family oriented. Who doesn't miss the old ECW? Of course everyone wants to get rid of the PG era, but if they won't change that at least make it more decent. What's a hell in a cell without blood?

This is the most needed for WWE, BLOOD!
Now that it's in the 'modern' era it's just so tame... No blood anymore *yawn*

You only get blood in street fights and last ma standing and I quit matches

To Have Brock Lesnar as a Full-Time Wrestler
More Divas

Now I don't want Kelly Kelly to leave because she's been here a while, but I'm sick of seeing her, Eve, Natalya, and Beth Phoenix in a tag match every single week. I miss when it was Candice
Michelle, Ashley, Maria even laugh out loud, of course Mickey James, and Michelle Mccool. They also made a big mistake by releasing Melina.

Need more divas the only current ones usually suck!

To Bring Back Big Show

These two were an awesome tag team, and since WWE wants to make the tag team division better, why not bring these guys back? And I also love Kane so...

To Bring Back Undertaker

This is want I want the most. It's just my opinion. I know he is getting old and he's done a lot, but he's running out of time so at least use him for something. After a while of not watching WWE, I started again right after Wrestlemania, so Undertaker's been gone. Also, who else could stop Mark Henry but The Undertaker?

Yes they need to bring back taker he will save WWE!

Bring back the 1990-1995 Undertaker. We desperately need him in order to teach the present WWE wrestlers like Cena, Lesnar etc who shows off too much.

Please WWE! We desperately need Taker! No Taker, no WWE!

To Bring Back Jeff Hardy

Yes that is the best thing they could do

More Unpredictible Outcomes
To Bring Back Imposter Kane

The 2006 Imposter Kane was actually Goldust!

No, it was Hulk Hogan.

Imposter Kane should be brought to finish his story with Kane.

Sychio Sid or Kevin Nash would make a perfect Imposter Kane.

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To Not Make Randy Orton a Baby Face

Now I was never a big fan of Orton, but I liked him much better as a heel. He's starting to become like Cena, winning every week always gettin the WHC. I know he has "anger management" but at least make him mean, not someone all the kids are cheering for.

To Buy TNA

Would make some sense--we could finally see Sting vs. The Undertaker. Now don't tell me you don't want to see that?

To Make Kozlov an Unstoppable Force Again

I personally think WWE has two many faces that should be heels, and heels that should be faces. Everyone's talking about how Kozlov's going to get released, and that's because he's teamed up with Santino being a face. He was great at being undefeated, and maybe put him in a feud against Sheamus.

For Triple H to Give Some Answers

Two Mondays ago, Triple H told Punk he'd get to the bottom of the problems with the mic being turned off, and someone messing with all of them. But it never happened. Also he should reveal the Raw GM, even though I don't think they even planned out who that would be.

To Try New Outcomes

Don't you think it just gets a little old of the faces winning every week. For example, last Monday when Hugh Jackman picked Zack Ryder to fight Dolph Ziggler. Ryder beat Ziggler, and it's kind of obvious that would happen. So shouldn't they make it more interesting by making Dolph live up to their word saying they can't be beat? Dolph and Ryder were just examples.

More Pushes

You can't keep giving the same stars pushes. Especially Kane, he's still just as good as he used to be, but they're not making him that monster he used to be. Make him beat faces even, but keep the crowd on his side. One example is Stone Cold, he stunners wrestlers all the time, but no matter who it is, they cheer for Stone Cold because of it. They should make Kane always be hurting superstars and the fans love it. Also, give Morrison that push he had for about 2 months.

To Keep the Imposter Sin Cara

This may be an opinion, but if they want someone who can be as good as Rey Mysterio, keep Hunico, aka imposter Sin Cara. He is a much better high flyer, if you don't believe me just pay more attention, and watch the entrances. I've also read a few things that say Mistico, the real Sin Cara, is cocky and they always have to re-tape his matches. Now doesn't Hunico sound better?

DX and HHH Fighting on Raw
Other Nationalities
To Turn Cena Heel
To Bring the John Cena Sucks Chant
To Get Rid of John Cena

If it happens that will be awesome!


To Bring Back ECW One Night Stand
For Kane to Take Off the Mask Again


To Bring Back Shelton Benjamin
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