Top Ten Things WWE Should Do In 2016


The Top Ten

1 Bring Back the Draft Lottery
2 Make RAW and SmackDown Separate Shows Again
3 Cancel Main Event & Superstars and Bring Back Saturday Night's Main Event
4 Air NXT Special Events on PPV
5 Stop Burying Wrestlers
6 Have Unique Stage Sets for Every PPV/Special Event

Tired of seeing the same old stage for EVERY PPV (except Wrestlemania) - DK

7 Air Certain Live Events/House Shows on PPV
8 Bring Back Some Old PPVs to Replace Some of the Current PPVs
9 Use White Ropes for the "Big Four" PPVs and Special Events
10 Stop Having Screwjob Finishes to Great Matches

The Contenders

11 Stop Pushing Undeserving Wrestlers
12 Feature At least 1 NXT Match on PPVs
13 Bring Back the World Heavyweight Championship
14 End "The Authority" Storyline

It's becoming very very stale now - DK

15 Replace SmackDown with NXT

I'm definitely in favor

16 Air SmackDown on the WWE Network
17 Bring Back the Women's Championship
18 Have a Deserving Wrestler win the Royal Rumble

This one they have screwed up 3 years in a row come on guys someone who the crowd would want to see remember stone cold in 98 everyone wanted him to win the rumble. - htoutlaws2012

19 Bring Back the King of the Ring Tournament, Have a Legitimate Wrestler Win it and Treat it How it Used to Be

I remember back in the days when someone won the tournament, they eventually get a World title match - DK

20 Bring Back the Women's Tag Team Championship
21 Stop Having Championships Change Hands Quickly
22 Use the Hell in a Cell Match to End Feuds
23 Have the MiTB Ladder Match at Wrestlemania Again
24 Have the Royal Rumble Winner win their Wrestlemania Main Event Match
25 Stop Having a Match End in a DQ then Restarted As a Tag Team Match
26 Have the Mid Card Titles Close Some of the PPVs
27 Create Better Storylines
28 Stop Having Every PPV Free on the WWE Network
29 Have the Veteran Wrestlers Put Over the Younger Wrestlers More Often
30 Stop Booking Champions to Lose Most Non-Title Matches
31 Stop Booking Cowardly Heels
32 Have the Heels Win More Often
33 Stop Having a Segment/Promo Opening the Show
34 Reduce RAW to 2 Hours
35 Hire New Commentators
36 Create an Upper Echelon of Talent
37 Have Consistency with the Diva Characters
38 Rename the Divas Division
39 More Live Network Specials from Around the World
40 Rehire Hulk Hogan
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1. Replace SmackDown with NXT
2. Cancel Main Event & Superstars and Bring Back Saturday Night's Main Event
3. Air SmackDown on the WWE Network
1. Stop Burying Wrestlers
2. Bring Back the Draft Lottery
3. Air NXT Special Events on PPV


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