Top 10 Things to Yell on Top of a Diving Board

The Top Ten

1 Cannonball!

Too common why this 1

2 Everyone! Watch this!

I said this, and fell belly first into the water. - Catacorn

*accidentally falls* Thank you, thank you!

I can literally feel the awkwardness that would ensue radiating from my phone screen - styLIShT

3 Mommy, get me off of this thing!

What the heck lmao - styLIShT

4 I have an announcement to make!
5 I need to go to the bathroom

Quick! Evacuate the pool! - SpectralOwl

6 I have a pet dog, but this place doesn't allow pets.

One time I complained to a lifeguard about this

7 Everyone, give me a 10!

*does bellyflop* 1/10.

8 Follow me on TheTopTens!

I was going on the diving board with my sister (GreyRose) and she dared me to go on the diving board and yell "Follow me on TheTopTens, I'm lovefrombadlands! "

Even I'm not in that location,but I asked my best friend to go to thetoptens websitewhile I was at school and look for me and I think he followed me since that I lost 2 followers then regain 1,so I think it was Seth.- Kevinsidis

9 Buh-kak! I'm a chicken, I chicken out!

GreyRose dared me to do this one, too.

10 I Hate Game of Thrones!

My favorite game

The Contenders

11 Yahoo!
12 Trump Sucks!
13 Booyakasha!
15 Y'all ready for this?
16 This is for Larry!
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