Top 10 Things to Yell Out to Your Teacher

I hate my teacher 😒
That's why I made this list :P

Feel free to add to the list! ^~^

The Top Ten

1 School Sucks! Let's Go Home, Anyone With Me?
2 I Really Really Really Really Really Hate You!

I should have done this to my chemistry teacher. She's the reason why I hate the subject.

I almost told off a teacher in the 10th grade. - ThatOneRacer

I really wanted to say this to my high school special ed teacher. She was so mean to me! (not to mention racist, too! ) >:(

3 Is It Legal for a Man Living In Canada to Be Buried In (Insert Random Country Here)?

No, with the exception of Justin Bieber being buried in North Korea.

No, you can't burry a living person, idiot! - Navylexi

4 My Pet Rhino Ate My Homework!

That's a lie!

5 Do You Play Five Nights at Freddy's?

*My sister is CircusControlKid* - HistorianaPhilippiniana

6 Do You Watch Dora the Explorer?
7 Let's All Ditch School and Go to Taco Bell!
8 Hi, Mrs. (Insert Ridiculous Name or Word Here)!

Hi, Mrs. Stupidiona. - Skullkid755

9 You Know, You're the Worst Teacher In the Universe of the Galaxy.
10 Can I Bring My Pet Elephant to School?

The school did not state that on the rules!

The Contenders

11 Can you leave the room so we can party?
12 Y'know, I have a feeling that this cow in front doesn't know what she's talkin' about.
13 So do you watch Happy Tree Friends?

I hate that show don't mention it

Yes, yes I do. - IceFoxPlayz

14 Do you know how to whip?

Who cares about the whip?

15 Can you nae nae
16 Can we have some extra recess?
17 You Silly Old Bird!
18 Kosta Brate!
19 I Hate You Like a Love Song Baby!
20 Sorry... Because I'm Not Sorry!
21 I Hate Dreambox!!!

What a boring math game, for me it is so easy!

22 Do You Hate Minecraft?! If You Do I'm Gonna Hate You!
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