Best Things You Can Do If You Notice that You are on an E Class Tram

The Top Ten

1 Get off and wait for the next one

You should do that, It's safe to do that

2 Go to the cab, open the door and punch the driver in the face

The driver gets allocated a tram to drive but they can choose not to listen like a child doesn't listen to their mother or father

3 Climb the bars and gain attention to yourself and get fined by an authorized officer

You can afford the fine, You can not afford your death

4 Get off and hitch hike a ride to the airport and go to another city so you never see one again

That would be a good idea, All you have to deal with is the nightmares

5 Tramsurf it and get a friend to film you and send the video to yarra trams and the police

This will tell both Yarra Trams and Victoria Police that the vehicles are unsafe and need to get recalled

6 Smoke a cigarette so everyone gets off

This would be a good idea, Non Smokers hate the smell of smoke

7 Warn people about the dangers on the radio

Call a radio station and do a warning

8 Push the emergency button

Do it, I dare you.

9 Try and get into the drivers cabin and derail it

You will go to jail happily knowing that you probably saved 1000s of lives

10 Just close your eyes and pretend your on a classic w class or a comfortable b class

Sorry guys you can imagine that because it's so uncomfortable that you will know what your on

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