Things You Can Do Instead of Looking at the List of Best Things About Justin Bieber

We Hate Justin Bieber right. Well then take your nightmares away by looking at this

The Top Ten

1 Sleeping V 2 Comments
2 Going to School / Work
3 Farting

Whoever said jake09 isn't funny is stupid jake09 you're a great user have great lists and you are funny - simpsondude

Jake09 ignore the anonymous that hated on you.

Haha! Jake09 you are a funny little fellow! But I wouldn't even think about looking at best things about this silly little Girlboy. ARE there any best things about her? Hmm... - Britgirl

Jake09 that visitor is a dumbass, don't listen to him you're awesome

V 4 Comments
4 Talking
5 Watching TV V 1 Comment
6 Playing Video Games

Play shadow of the colossus instead of listening to jb.

I should be burning Kokona Haruka alive in Yandere simulator instead of listening/seeing that brat - MLPFan

7 Shopping
8 Looking at a Different List

This is what I was looking for! This is the perfect thing! - funnyuser

9 Listen to Eminem
10 Paint

The Newcomers

? Listen to Real Music

The Contenders

11 Look at Ways to Kill Justin Beiber V 1 Comment
12 Going to the potty

And puking in there

That's cute

13 Looking at the List of Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber

And there are a lot more items there than on the other list!

I agree. The Reasons To Hate Bieber list is better than the Best things about Bieber list - MLPFan

14 Masturbating
15 Listen to Rock N' Roll Music
16 Burning Justin Beiber CD's

That would smell bad, but I believe it's worth burning!

That will be so awesome burning Justin Bieber cd's maybe I can also burn 1d cd's

17 Make "Top Ten Reasons To Like NotSmirks"
18 Looking at the List of Worst Things About Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
19 Doing Homework V 1 Comment
20 Drinking bleach
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