Top 10 Things You Can Do Instead of Reading the Ways to Kill Lists

God I hate the ways to kill lists with a burning passion so I through lets make a list to suggest to do better things

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1 Make a Better List Which Is Not Offensive

Offensive? I think your doctor is waiting for you - Nateawesomeness

This should say make a better list then this list - Nateawesomeness

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2 Go and Play Sports

Way better than reading those lists - BigBrotherSucks

3 Go and Annoy Your Teachers at School

This is more funny than those lists - BigBrotherSucks

4 Watch TV V 1 Comment
5 Read Other Lists On TheTopTens

The Ways to Kill Lists are really getting old. - sketchysteve

So are you saying that I'm a bad TheTopTens user just for making Ways To Kill lists? I don't even make them anymore, and you are still butthurt. Wow. - MusicalPony

Yep he's still whining about little things that ain't hurting anyone - bobbythebrony

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6 Listen to Music
7 Play With Friends

Hey lets do this right now - BigBrotherSucks

8 Go to Sleep

Hey if your are reading those ways to kill lists go to sleep instead - BigBrotherSucks

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9 Eat Something

I love this idea - BigBrotherSucks

10 Turn Off Your Computer

Yes you should do this instead - BigBrotherSucks

The Contenders

11 Stop Caring About The Lists
12 Read A Marvel Comic

Comics are more entertaining than those lists. - sketchysteve

13 Go On Vacation
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1. Make a Better List Which Is Not Offensive
2. Go and Play Sports
3. Watch TV
1. Make a Better List Which Is Not Offensive
2. Go and Play Sports
3. Go and Annoy Your Teachers at School



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