Best Things that You Can Do When Your Mom is Not at Home

You might be excited when your mom isn't home, especially if you are a teenager. Most of us might not get the exact thing to do when she is not home. Here are some of the best things that you could do when your mom is not home. This is what I think, and if you have any other opinion, then you can vote for it.

The Top Ten Best Things that You Can Do When Your Mom is Not at Home

1 Masturbate

You can't try out autoerotic asphyxiation if your mom is home

I agree but I live with my girlfriend so - TheRemixr

You can't do this in front you MOM! - Robert_KIngstons123

I agree. I'm 14, so you can't blame me. - IronSabbathPriest

2 Upload YouTube videos

I can’t because my mom will not let me have a YouTube account

3 Have sex

THANKS I NEEDED THAT...How much do condoms cost?

I've had sex with a cat if that counts...

4 Drink alcohol
5 Watch porn

I did and it was hot

Ask yourself : Can you watch porn when you mom is home. Some people could this if they had enough guts. - Robert_KIngstons123

6 Go as far as you can from your house

I'd be very scared to do that.

My mom doesn't allow me go beyond my boundary-line, but when she's not home, I go as far as I can. - Robert_KIngstons123

7 Party

Party party

Wow! This is definitely the best thing one can do, if you have a nice friend's group. Once my party ended up in a big disaster, because my "actual" friends could't come to my place, and the only friend I was with were totally kiddish. They said no to even Red Bull! They were just swag, who wanted to watch T. V, instead of listening to songs. - Robert_KIngstons123

8 Eat junk food
9 Run naked

The best pants, are no pants. And I mean that not in a dirty way. - keycha1n

10 Watch a movie

The Contenders

11 Watch scary movies
12 Play video games
13 Use her money to buy stuff for yourself

She would kick me out, Just for one penny!

She will disown me for "wasting money" :(

14 Crap your pants

Who the hell would like to do this

Yo what is this - TheRemixr

15 Watch inappropriate stuff

I watched "Showgirls" when my mom was out of the room. It was great until she came in and caught me...

16 Remake Vines
17 Go on dating sites

I always do this when my mums not home its actually fun...

This is what I've really wanted to do actually...

18 Be normal

Jk being normal is boring. - 3DG20

19 Call her

Lol if you in my situation and u don't have service and your mom won't pay for it. you can't do dis TwT

20 Watch TV

YES I can watch paranormal stuff!

The inappropriate noises in this anime always make my mum think I'm watching hentai when I'm not so NOT THIS TIME MOTHER! HAHAAHA

21 Play Truth or Dare with friends
22 Go wild

Make a mess act like animal hahaahaha

23 Make as much noise as you can

Like to blast music

24 Prank call
25 Print stuff off the computer
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