Top 10 Things You Can't Help but Hate Certain Video Game Companies For

The Top Ten

1 The Emoji Movie - Sony
2 The Jaguar - Atari
3 Turning almost its entire post-Assassin's-Creed library of games into one great big cesspool of incredibly boring and generic open-world sandboxes - Ubisoft
4 Taking down Another Metroid 2 Remake and Pokemon Uranium in exchange for Federation Force and Pokemon Go - Nintendo
5 The fact that it evidently gets off on never releasing an official third game to ANY of its franchises, most infamously Half-Life - Valve

"The RIGHT man in the wrong MIND-set can make ALL the DIFF-ERENCE in the wake up, MISS-ter Gaben...wake up and HEAR THE SCREAMS OF YOUR TORMENTED SLAVES..." - xandermartin98

6 Xbox One - Microsoft
7 "Replacing" Halo with Destiny - Bungie
8 Selling itself from Nintendo to Microsoft while bringing literally NONE of its former charm along with it - Rareware

Why the heck does everyone hate the idea of Rareware being part of Microsoft? It is not that bad, people. Both Nintendo AND Microsoft (along with Sony) make great consoles.

9 Its "Laughin' Jokin' Numb-Nuts" phase from the NES era - LJN
10 The Sonic Fanbase - Sega

The Contenders

11 Allowing the Philips CD-i Mario and Zelda games to exist - Nintendo
12 R-Zone - Tiger Games
13 Not admitting Crash Bandicoot into the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale roster - Activision
14 Undertale Fanbase - Nintendo
15 Modern Halo - 343 Industries
16 Duke Nukem Forever - 3D Realms
17 The way that it treats Metroid, Star Fox and F-Zero in general - Nintendo
18 Call Of Duty Fanbase - Infinity Ward and Activision
19 Daikatana - Id Software
20 Friend Codes - Nintendo
21 "Nintendon't" - Sega
22 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Namco
23 Hat Fortress 2 - Valve
24 Being consistently THE most overrated game developer on literally every single Playstation console - Naughty Dog
25 Nintendo Fanbrats - Nintendo
26 Attempting to cover up Um Jammer Lammy's existence by titling Parappa 3 as Parappa 2 and removing the alternate-character mode - Nana-On-Sha
27 Ridiculously overpricing its games and then intentionally creating product scarcity on them just to top it off - Nintendo
28 Wii U and Switch - Nintendo
29 Its copyright policies regarding fangames - Square Enix
30 Turning Final Fantasy into possibly the most cliched and generic weeaboo-bait franchise to ever exist - Square Enix
31 Charging ludicrous amounts of money that its audience could be spending on the real Phoenix Wright for Danganronpa - Spike Chunsoft
32 Wii Peripherals - Nintendo
33 Severely underpowered consoles that make you wonder exactly how their games manage to look as good as they do - Nontendo
34 Stealing everyone else's content and then making their one "original" claim to fame a hyper-realistic sports simulator - Electronic Arts
35 Darksiders actually being one of the most original things they've ever made - THQ
36 Ratchet & Clank 2016 (Insomniac)
37 The current state of the Paper Mario series - Nintendo
38 Removing the panty-shot feature from Smash Bros in the exact game in which Rosalina joined the roster - Nintendo
39 Jak 2's checkpoint placement - Naughty Dog
40 Death of Metal Gear and Castlevania - Konami
41 Castlevania Pachinko: Erotic Violence (yes, this is real) - Konami
42 Furries - Sega and Sony
43 Sony Drones - Sony
44 Xbox Fantards - Microsoft
45 Nintendo Haters - Sony and Microsoft
46 Milking its franchises just for the pure unadulterated sake of milking them - Capcom and Nintendo
47 Selling nearly all of its mascot franchises to different developers after their third games - Sony
48 Using Mega Man's Bad Box Art design in Tekken X Street Fighter - Capcom
49 Actively encouraging tournament play in Smash Bros and Mario Kart - Nintendo
50 Showing absolutely no respect for its classics - Sony
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