Top 10 Things That You Can't Turn Down

This list describes offers people simply can't turn down!

The Top Ten

1 Money

I could never turn this down ever! - sweetmadi11

2 New Car
3 Big House
4 Free Trip to Your Favorite State
5 Never Ending Supply of Food
6 Living Forever

If you stayed in the same state of health and never felt pain/got injuries, I wouldn't turn it down. - SwagFlicks

This may be good, but at the same time its could be bad. Living forever wouldn't be all that good when you think about it. - nintendofan126

You can play sandbox games forever 11/10

7 A Chance to Have World Peace

I will turn this down I want human extinct... grabs popcorn let's see - CerealGuy

I would never turn turn this down - nintendofan126

8 Never Ending Supply of Energy
9 Becoming the Best at Your Favorite Sport

I always thought I wasn't good at sports. Maybe I am good? I just never tried. - nintendofan126

10 Starbucks Coffee

What's all this talk about Starbucks, I've never been there in my life and it does not look interesting

In my opinion no-one can resist Starbucks it is the best coffee place ever! - sweetmadi11

The Contenders

11 Becoming a Dolphin

Come on who doesn't wanna become a Dolphin and explore the sea? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I would like to become a Adolfin! - CerealGuy

12 Love

Did I honestly have to add this? - Garythesnail

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