Top Ten Things You Could Do If Eevee Was Real


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1 You could keep her as a pet

I would hug and hug and hug eevee all day

I would snuggle with it every day

I want one so bad. It's so fluffy! - Pegasister12

A wild ivysaur appeared eevee used cuteness ivysaur fainted

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2 You could play with her

I would love to play with an eevee they r the cutest ever!

Well, why not? - BorisRule

3 Keep it safe

Like any other pets - BorisRule

Eevee is one of my most favourite Pokémon. It’s so cute :) - Swampert02

4 Feed it
5 You could take selfies with it

That would be fun, taking selfies with an Eevee sounds awesome - Draco

Imagine an eevee saying,"lemme take a selfie"

TAKE SELFIES WITH ALL THE Pokemon! - RiverClanRocks

6 Watch TV with it
7 Train it
8 Evolve it

Honestly I would just love her and care for her and have lots of fun and live with her forever and then one day I would offer an ice stone and see if she would touch it to evolve into Glaceon! But if she didn't want too that would be okay! But as I was reading these options I fail to see why people would think anyone would kill their eevee! Sooo wrong

I would evolve it in to Vaporeon. - nintendofan126

I'll evolve it into an Espeon! - Entranced98

I don't want to force any Pokémon to evolve. They will evolve if they want to. Otherwise I'd want this to be Sylveon. - BorisRule

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9 Love her
10 Sleep with it

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11 Give the pets a playmate
12 Kill her

The hell? The change from positive to negative...


Yes - Aipom

13 Take it on a walk
14 Burn it
15 Hug it
16 Have all the Eeveeloutions

I can have Sylveon

17 Breed it

And give the babies to your friends

18 Introduce it to Skitty

But you must take caution... if you introduce any cute pokemon to Skitty, the god of cute pokemon, the world may explode with cuteness

19 Make an Eeveeloution center

You can breed loads of eevee loutions and it would kinda be like a cute eeveeloution farm!

20 Behead her
21 Shoot her
22 Give it lots of affection and love

I adore Eevee so much

23 You could use it in x factor

I mean it's so CUTE it will definitely win with you like a pokemon contest

24 Freak out

I mean, if any Pokemon was real, like, real as in they matched their realistic drawings... you'd be scared. - SwagFlicks

25 You could marry her

I don't think this is hilarious - BorisRule


26 Explode it with a bomb

HET (NYET! ) - BorisRule

27 Poison her
28 Overfeed it
29 Show her a male Eevee
30 Get lots and lots of help

Seriously. If you are really reading this thread, you need help. Now. I'm not joking. Get some.

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1. Kill her
2. Burn it
3. Explode it with a bomb
1. You could keep her as a pet
2. You could play with her
3. You could take selfies with it
1. Love her
2. You could keep her as a pet
3. Keep it safe


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