Top Ten Things You Could Do If Eevee Was Real


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1 You could keep her as a pet

I would hug and hug and hug eevee all day

I would snuggle with it every day

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2 You could play with her

I would love to play with an eevee they r the cutest ever!

3 You could take selfies with it

That would be fun, taking selfies with an Eevee sounds awesome - Draco

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4 Keep it safe
5 Feed it
6 Watch TV with it
7 Train it
8 Sleep with it
9 Give the pets a playmate
10 Evolve it

I would evolve it in to Vaporeon. - nintendofan126

I'll evolve it into an Espeon! - Entranced98

I would Evolve into Sylveon! Of course if my Eevee wanted,I don't like forcing Pokemon evolving if they don't want to. - cassiabez

If there was one eevee loution I will want from my eevee will be either espeon, slyveon,umbreon and vaporeon

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11 Kill her
12 Take it on a walk
13 Burn it
14 Explode it with a bomb
15 Behead her
16 Shoot her
17 Introduce it to Skitty

But you must take caution... if you introduce any cute pokemon to Skitty, the god of cute pokemon, the world may explode with cuteness

18 Breed it

And give the babies to your friends

19 Make an Eeveeloution center

You can breed loads of eevee loutions and it would kinda be like a cute eeveeloution farm!

20 You could use it in x factor

I mean it's so CUTE it will definitely win with you like a pokemon contest

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