Top Ten Things You Could Do If You Were Stuck in the Star Wars Universe for a Week

After falling asleep one night you wake up in the Star Wars Universe on the floor in Dex's Diner. You are on Coruscant and the year is 22 BBY, the Clone Wars has only just begun. You mysteriously have plenty of galactic credits on you and a moment later a stranger tells you to meet him back at he same place (Dex's Diner) at the same time 7 days from now. He explains that there's a good chance he'll be able to take you back to your own universe a week later if you so desire but there is a slim chance you may die from the process. Without saying another word the mysterious stranger immediately vanishes into thin air in less than a second. You were unable to ask him questions due to lack of time and shock. You have enough credits to live like a rich person from the SW Universe for a week. You can use space taxis to travel to other planets if you wish. This isn't a dream.

So you have a week to spend in the Star Wars Universe, what do you do?

The Top Ten

1 Travel through space exploring planets
2 Look for a job

If you want to stay there long term. - JamesNicholls

3 Try and obtain a lightsaber
4 Find your favourite characters and talk to them
5 Try and convince the Jedi that the Chancellor is a Sith Lord
6 Buy some death sticks
7 Write a short book briefly describing the events from the end of AOTC to TFA

You could potentially become rich and famous from this when the events occur and the book is correct. - JamesNicholls

8 Go to a dance club and party
9 Spend your time research to find out if anyone else has had the same situation as you and how to get home
10 Spend most of your time in Dex's Diner

The Contenders

11 Kill Jar Jar Binks
12 Go to Leia's funeral

R.I.P. Leia.

13 Convince Darth Caedus to fight and kill Kylo Ren

The REAL deal vs a whiny emo. Awesome!

14 Annoy Dooku
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