Top Ten Things You Could Do with Leftover Food

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1 Eat it

Then it wouldn't really be leftover. - birdechosplash

2 Throw it away

That's wasteful imagine all the people that would love to eat your left overs because there starving

3 Feed it to your pet

My outdoor cat hunts for all of the critters and mice that roam around in our yard. He rarely eats human food. My chickens would eat leftovers, as long as the food's not chicken. - Catacorn

This depends on the type of food it is. - birdechosplash

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4 Use it for another meal
5 Have a food fight

You could do this in your lunchroom and get suspended for it, but it would be worth it! - Catacorn

I wouldn't do it but it is an option. - birdechosplash

6 Leave it

Leave it for someone else to clean up. - birdechosplash

7 Mash it all up and use it to paint your bedroom walls

I wonder what colour it would turn out... - birdechosplash

8 Give it to someone else
9 Save it for later
10 Use it as animal bait

I'm seriously running out of ideas. - birdechosplash

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11 Blend it into a smoothie, and have a contest to see who could drink the most
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