Top Ten Things You Could Be Doing Rather Than Reading the "Top Ten Reasons We Should Kill Off Conservatives" List

Many things can be done that are more productive than reading the list that has caused quite a stir, reading it back I'm not sure if I should facepalm or laugh, because of the pure idiocy spewed out through it (and hatred) and even some hypocrisy. Sorry for wasting everyone's time with an idiotic, hateful list that would be better off burned.

The Top Ten

1 Read other lists

There are PLENTY of lists that aren't idiotic. You should check some out. - ToptenPizza

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2 Read a book

At least you can an admit you're wrong. - gemcloben

(Most) books aren't filled with idiocy and make people happy not offended or angry. - ToptenPizza

3 Watch TV
4 Eat some fruit
5 Eat some pizza

I'll take some cheese pizza. Who else wants some pizza? - ToptenPizza

And this is why I like toptenpizza. Unlike certain other users she'll admit she's wrong. - Therandom

6 Play outside
7 Try to be productive

Unfourtanetly that list wasn't productive at all. Much like other controversial lists it was very dumb. - ToptenPizza

8 Go swimming

Why is it so low on the list. I love swimming

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9 Draw
10 Do a back flip

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11 Call your grandma
12 Do math
13 Kill yourself
14 Get rid of the list

The only way you could do that is if you're the Admin. - sketchysteve

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