Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Metalheads

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1 Everybody is welcome to be a metal fan

You can't be Justin Bieber though

Gay, transgender, atheist, or anything else? No problem! We can both listen to Nile at my house! - Metalhead1997

* a wheelchair?

I was amazed I didn't know all of these (sarcasm)

Stop making anmoying list like this - RoseCandyMusic

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2 We are not stupid
3 We don't like Popstars because most of them are liked because of their look
4 We can laugh about ourselves

Just watch the metal parody videos

5 Sometimes other students in school hate us for no reason

On Metalheads Amino you get bullied for having autism. - Fretto

Really? I've been on it for over a year and I haven't gotten bullied once. - Metalhead1997

6 Long hair is epic & hard to wash
7 We like kittens

I don't like kittens - Fretto

8 We love metal pop covers

Oh yes! These are some of my favorites:
TrollfesT - Toxic (B. Spears)
Children Of Bodom - Oops!...I Did It Again (B. Spears) - Metal_Treasure

9 We are not Satanic

Actually, a VERY minute number of us are. Probably 1%. But everyone else? Either Christian, atheist, agnostic, or any other religion. - Metalhead1997

We are not SATANIC!

10 We also listen to (hard) rock

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11 We like other genres like classical, jazz, rock, rock and roll, etc.

Yep! - Metalhead1997

12 We can be rude online
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