Things You Didn't Know About Nicki Minaj

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Her birth name is Onika Tanya Maraj

Do your research please. The first record deal she signed with hood$tarz, a hood company, had her change her name from Nicki Maraj to Nicki Minaj. When she asked why Minaj, they said it was because she had a sick flow.

Her full name appeared on Starships because its on the lyric, "My name is Onika, you can call me Nicki".

Well, she was from a different country. There might be loads of people named Onika

Why do celebrity's have bad birth names, but good stage names?

She is part of Young Money Entertainment

No, that makes perfect sense. Two things that you associate with garbage.

I was shocked, considering how bad young money can be.

I found that out 6 hours before reading this list!

I knew that 2 years ago

She is a Christian

Hey. Let me tell you something. Nicki Minaj, in my opinion, is good. She is great. Amazing. And you have the full right to dislike or even hate her. But please. It is so terrible to say things like you wish she was a victim of domestic abuse. That she was dead. Or that she should go to hell. I'm not saying you shouldn't have the right to hate or dislike. But saying you wish she would got to hell? A little far, don't you think?

Ok the jackass who made this list I'm talking to U. Since I wrote I hated starships. You say stop hating. You can express your opinion without hating... What the heck are you talking about?! WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS OUR OPINION AND WE WILL DO IT so if you hate it, then shut up because MANY PEOPLE HERE ACTUALLY HATE NICKI MINAJ SO ITS FINE TO HATE.

What are you talking about? I never wrote those, I only said this one. I agree though the go to hell thing was a bit extreme but thanks for letting us hate her. :D

That's embarassing to me because I am a Christian as well. I can assure you we are not all like her.

Her birthday is December 8, 1982

So she wasnt even born yet? No surprise because that's how old you have to be to write a better song than nicki

Sorry! This is my first time making a list! I meant December 8, 1982

Her butt is fake

Everybody knows that you fool

Who doesn't know that?

We already knew this

Well her money ain't

Her raps are written by her, and her personally

I find it hilarious how no one considers those other songs. You know, any other song. Like if that's her most popular song, then congrats to her because obviously a lot of people have heard it, only making her better than you.

That's not a good thing. Her raps are terrible; listen to Anaconda and Stupid Hoe if you have eardrums of steel.

No wonder her songs are horrible. The plastic's taken over her brain

Listen to Anaconda and Stupid Hoe... If you dare.

She was born in Trinidad

The things you didn't know about Iggy Azalea list is better than this garbage.

I think this is in Spain if I can remember the video for pound the alarm.

Why share your opinion if it's negative? Add value to the world please.

Where on the map is Trinidad? It sounds like a strange place.

Actually no, it's a magical place full of Unicorns and Rainbows that plays Nicki's music all the time! (Sarcasm)

She wrote Stupid Hoe about herself

You can't have a wrong opinion... You can have a poorly informed one, a racist one, a sexist one, but it cannot be wrong. Hilarious. Thanks for making me feel a lot smarter.

Actually it was about a rival called Lil Kim. I think it's both about them

I read somewhere is was a diss to some girl.

Yeah, we all knew that already...

Her mother is a victim of domestic abuse

I wish she was a victim of domestic abuse. She or her stupid alter egos. Seriously it makes her look like she is a devil.

Don't say stuff like that. I dislike Nikki but no one deserves domestic abuse just because they made bad music.

I feel sorry for her mother but not Nikki

Her film debut was in The Other Woman, with Cameron Diaz

No it wasnt. Her film debut was in Ice Age: Continental Drift. True Nicki fan. Get your facts checked.

I didn't know she could act lmao. She can't even rap.

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She Is a Lil Kim Wannabe

You're a Lil Kim wannabe

No she isn’t, you are

Girl BYE! Even Kim don't wanna be Kim

She is Beautiful

Although she isn't naturally, she had a lot of plastic surgeries.

She is the Epitome of beauty, in my humble opinion.

Ikr? Why does everyone find her ugly? She is a natural beauty!

Ugh, she's the definition

She is the most-charted female rapper in the history of the Billboard Hot 100

Yeah I can tell... It's funny thing because EVERYONE here is hating. It shows since you can't even spell jackass. Oh yeah because you like this garbage queen. Your IQ must be lower than here's combined with lil Wayne's! Ha!

Bishes please. Looks like you got your humor from the same place. For real? I'm a dedicated fan. your a dedicated hater.

I love how you got these from Wikipedia

RIP music

Her songs are bad

Again, everyone has their opinion, but I meant for this list to be positive.

This is an opinion, not a fact, but I do agree with this one.

I thought this was things you DIDN'T know about Nicki Manaj...

I already knew that.

She went to Laguardia High School, or "The Fame" school

I think she is dumb

She Is Degrading to Women

She's a feminist, but yet her songs objectify women and make them into toys for men to play with. Clearly someone should buy her a nice fat dictionary, and force her to look up the definition for "feminist".

She's feminist? Well, her songs degrade women into objects!

She enjoys being treated like an object.

Just look at her music videos.

She has an annoying voice

It's so annoying I just wanna rip my ears off when I hear it.

Everyone knows It. 0% talent in all of her songs

I knew that already!

That one is obvious

She is Illuminati

I have actually looked into this. I have found "proof" that Wayne and drake are probably illuminati. I've done extensive research on this. And actually, the only thing I found about Nicki, was that one she is part of young money (not really meaning much). So, whoever added this, please tell me why you think that, and I personally will take my time and look into it. thanks.

The Illuminati is dead. And no celebrity has anything to do with the Illuminat they are all just silly wannabes who know nothing of the club. Like come on, really! They are entertainers for gods sake. What would music and acting have to do with an old disbanded club from the 1800's.

She is completely against suicide

What are you talking about!? She always be in her songs talking about popping pills, that's an attempted act of suicide. No proof at all.

Why is she against suicide? Her songs literally inspire it!

She is ugly

She's beautiful. I don't know why humans decide to hate on someone knowing that they don't know them, never met them, probably never will and if they did they would want to take a picture with them and show it to their friends.

I thought this was things we didn't know, not most obvious facts about her.

She looks like a half barbie half donkey hybrid.

These are supposed to be facts. Not opinions,

Her favorite color is pink
She Stole Popularity from Lil Kim

Actually, while I agree with Nicki, I just want to put a small stop to this. There is "evidence" to prove either side: that one is better than the other. While clearly agree with Nicki and others don't, that doesn't really matter. This list is supposed to be positive. I didn't want my first list to turn out like this, but I guess that's just life ✌️.

She is not a queen

Not literally. Just mine.

You wish. Nicki has done so much and has made so much history. She’s one of the biggest stars of all time, so don’t even bother.

She Has Her Own Clothing Line

Her complete clothing are the swimsuits, the concert dresses and that barbie doll clothes

Before you know it their going to have a One Direction makeup line! Oh wait. THEY ALREADY HAVE!

Her fans have a lower IQ than she does

I'm in honors. The top show choir. I have the schools official small specialized tutoring scholarship, so. If that's true, Nicki must be a genius.

Her fans clearly can't be alive then. Nicki Minaj only had two brain cells, how can any human subsist on just one?

Like the person who made this list.

"Her fans have a lower IQ than she does" Nicki Minaj got almost a oerfect score on her SATs.

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