Things You Didn't Know About Nicki Minaj


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21 She has an annoying voice

I knew that already!

That one is obvious

22 She is ugly

She's beautiful. I don't know why humans decide to hate on someone knowing that they don't know them, never met them, probably never will and if they did they would want to take a picture with them and show it to their friends. - TheMainReason

These are supposed to be facts. Not opinions, - SammMinajj

I thought this was things we didn't know, not most obvious facts about her.

Because Of All That Extensive Plastic Surgery - BeatlesFan1964

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23 Her favorite color is pink

Well, you probably already knew this, but whatever. - Popsicles

24 Her fans have a lower IQ than she does

Like the person who made this list.

I'm in honors. The top show choir. I have the schools official small specialized tutoring scholarship, so. If that's true, Nicki must be a genius. - SammMinajj

Her fans clearly can't be alive then. Nicki Minaj only had two brain cells, how can any human subsist on just one?

"Her fans have a lower IQ than she does" Nicki Minaj got almost a oerfect score on her SATs. - ArigatoKawaii

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25 She is not a queen

Not literally. Just mine. - SammMinajj

26 She has made out with Jessica Simpson
27 She said her female celebrity crush is Kate Upton
28 She objectifies women with Anaconda
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1. Her butt is fake
2. Her songs are bad
3. She Is a Lil Kim Wannabe
1. She is part of Young Money Entertainment
2. She is a Christian
3. Her butt is fake
1. Her birth name is Onika Tanya Maraj
2. Her birthday is December 8, 1982
3. Her raps are written by her, and her personally



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