Top Ten Things You Do If You're Obsessed With a Show

I desided to write this when I looked around the room. Seeing all the Gravity Falls merchandise and I was like, "I'm obsessed." And before that, I denied that. This list if for all the people who are too busy with the show to look into reality. If you share these traits, your obsessed. Everything on this list is something I've experienced.

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1 You think about it 24/7

This is obvious - dipperpinesfangirl618

I'm obsessed with Gravity Falls!

I'm obsessed with Disney's Hercules!

What does the list creator mean by “reality”? My shows are reality. - Miauzer

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2 When finding friends, the first trait you look for is if they like the show

Exactly. If someone I know doesn't like Gravity Falls, I wonder why I'm friends with them in the first place. The only problem is, I know lots of people that like it, but they never seem to want to listen to me about secrets in the journal, how I cracked a cryptogram last night, engage in a deep conversation about the nature of the characters and what they think of each other, or a deep conversation about what Hogwarts houses they're in. The Pines are all Gryffindors!

I wear my Dipper hat in public and keep my eye out of people who recognise it. I also "casually" bring up the show in conversations. One time I was talking to this kid about Gravity Falls and he said "that dumb show? " And I was super kissed off. But a couple years later he said he actually liked it and we talked about it.

I was about to follow this one guy, (He said his occupation was, like, thetopten troll.) but then I read things he didn't like and it said gravity falls and I'm all like "Wait... Never mind." - dipperpinesfangirl618

Me online: Hi, do you watch Game of Thrones or YuGiOh? - Miauzer

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3 You've actually had dreams about it

I JUST had a dream about gravity falls last night! I don't really remember what happened. I should have written it down in, like, a dream journal or something. I hate how you have an awesome dream but don't remember 99% of it when you wake up. All I remember is that Dipper and Mabel where teenagers again (I say again because I had another dream of them being teens before.) and I think they where arguing about school but I'm not quite sure. It's like I can see then talking and fighting but I can't quite grasp what they where saying. It's so close I can touch it. Don't you hate that feeling?! - dipperpinesfangirl618

Yes! I try to go back to sleep to try to get the dream back, if it fails always. - Miauzer

I once had a dream about a gravity falls episode before the episode even aired.

I've had more dreams about Gravity Falls than I would ever care to admit. - keycha1n

I once had a dream where the characters form Disney's Hercules were on Pampers diapers

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4 You look up fan art

I found random Hercules fan art from Deviantart that includes Hera pennant and Zeus and Hermes trying to feed Baby Hercules.

Once years ago I found a fan art of Hermes as a toddler...

There's lots of amazing Gravity Falls fan art. But sometimes I'm scared to look it up... There are multiple disturbing sides of Gravity Falls fandoms.

Gravity Falls fan art is so beautiful, and since the show is popular you get art from lots of great artists

I hate anything fan-related. - Miauzer

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5 This show is your first conversation starter

I have a very small pool of friends because of this - dipperpinesfangirl618

This is why I wear my Mega Absol pin. Instant conversation starter. - RiverClanRocks

"What should we talk about? "
"What houses girlfriend characters are in. The Pines are all Gryffindor."

6 You have plans to name your children after it

I'm thinking of naming one of my children Tyrone because of gravity falls now! - dipperpinesfangirl618

I thought I was the only one - bobbythebrony

I wouldn't do this, like I would for most list items. - Luxam

I'll name a pet after the characters

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7 You read the fanfictions

I tried, but most of the time, it's always porn, or (curse this ship with fire) Cilan X Iris. - RiverClanRocks

Yup. I've made some too sadly. - dipperpinesfangirl618

I've read more fanfics of things than I made them. And let me tell you, I made some poorly written fanfics. - Luxam

8 You buy the merchandise

There's a stuffed waddles sitting in my bed right now...

Pokemon cards. I have hundreds. - RiverClanRocks

I have the Disney's Hercules PS1 game, a DVD, a book, a Baby Pegasus plush, and I also print pics of them off the internet!

Seriously. Go to my home page and read, like, 3 sentences. PURE GRAVITY FALLS FANGIRLING! - dipperpinesfangirl618

9 Dress up like your favorite character

I wish one of my friends dressed as Ruby and I would be Sapphire. We could do our fusion dance! Sadly,
She likes The Brady Bunch
I like Steven Universe
And My Other Friend likes The Amazing World Of Gumball

I might go as Cilan next year for Halloween. - RiverClanRocks

I would of I could...

I wanna cosplay as Dipper SO BADLY! - dipperpinesfangirl618

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10 A lot of your friends like the show too

My friends actually got me into Gravity falls! Now we have more to talk about!

Not all true. None of my friends watch girlfriend but I'm in love with it.

Most of my friends like Pokemon. Not a lot like MLP. - RiverClanRocks

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11 You start giving people crap if they don't like it

Lol. So you poop in your hand and present it to them if they don't like it? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

If someone likes Steven Universe and not Gravity Falls, I instantly start acting snobby toward them. They obviously have bad taste

Yes. I have a list of reasons prepared for anyone who talks bad about Gravity Falls. They'll be sorry they said anything.

That’s me. (Not literal crap...) - Miauzer

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12 You force friends to watch it

I forced my cousins to watch Glee

I didn't have to forcemy family to watch it. They did with barely any prodding and loved it.

Yep. - HeyImAsher

I put on "Hercules and the Tiff on Olympus" on the T.V. during a family party once.

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13 You watch the episodes over and over again

OCs are not original if they are in other people's universes. My friend doesn't know what to call her original characters who are within her own universe. Aren't people talking about FCs? I don't see the point in making fan characters since they can't actually interact with the actual characters of a series.

14 You start developing crushes on the characters

! I thought I was the only one! I have a huge crush on Dipper! You have no idea! I LOVE HIM! - dipperpinesfangirl618

I have a crush on Invader ZIM he is amazing ( also gravity falls is my 2nd favorite show after Is)

Lol. So true. I'm allowed to have a crush on any character I want! - AnonymousChick

... No. - Miauzer

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15 You buy official licensed merchandise
16 Make OCs

I have a few Pokemon OCs. Tiffany is myself as a trainer (of course), Raven (Hoenn) is quick-tempered and loyal, also an aspiring actress, Rebecca (Unova) is a slightly shy, but still outgoing, science geek who would rather read books than anything else, and Amber (Kalos) is an artist who gets embarrassed quite easily. - RiverClanRocks

I had a SU OC named Emerald

Yah. It's not official because I have several OC's and only one of them have been my fanfictions. One is Becca Blendin. She's the daughter of Blinden Blanden and wants to be just like her father and work in time travel so she goes back in time to stop several time anomalies that where supposed to happen. She doesn't really look like her father though. She has long curly blond hair, blue eyes, and where's goggles on her head. But she does have the same suit as Blendin. So far, she's just a time trainee. Another one of mine is Bella Cipher. That one is more self-explanatory. She's the daughter of Bill Cipher. All she really does is mess with the Pines twins. (Even though she likes Dipper. Cheesy right? ) She looks like my other OC but she wears a yellow eye dress, a crazed smile, yellow eyes, and a yellow eye painted on her forehead. And the OC on my fanfiction is Bonnah. (I named her after my big sisters Bonnie and Hannah.) She's a mermaid. Again, she looks like my other OC's but she ...more - dipperpinesfangirl618

17 You stalk the actors on social media

It's creepier than that. I'm thinking of naming one of my kids Alex now. #Creep - dipperpinesfangirl618

I basically have followed the whole cast of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls to be honest. - HeyImAsher

Alex is bae

18 You start fanpages all over social media


I have a fanfiction on wattpad with 13k views! - dipperpinesfangirl618

19 You make OTPs with the characters

Waddles x Gompers forever

20 You save screenshots of TV shows and even print them out
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1. You think about it 24/7
2. You read the fanfictions
3. You look up fan art
1. You think about it 24/7
2. This show is your first conversation starter
3. When finding friends, the first trait you look for is if they like the show
1. You think about it 24/7
2. You've actually had dreams about it
3. When finding friends, the first trait you look for is if they like the show


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