Things You Do On TheTopTens That Would Be Weird And Creepy In Real Life

We all love this site, but there are limits to what you do here. Especially if you take them offline.

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1 Follow People

"They're following me... and they'll never go away..."
I have to explain this every time I frantically spam the "close" button on the tube and someone asks me why. - Rocko

Hundreds of people following you literally...imagine... - Ananya

What a list! - Userguy44

Oh, this awful! Every time I turn around, there they are... My 'followers... ' Leave me alone! Can't you see I'm trying to follow someone? Tsk! - Britgirl

2 Tell Everyone About Your New List

I hate to admit but I do this to my followers! - JaysTop10List

3 Extensively Rant About How Good or Bad Something Is

The sad thing is, on occasion, I do this. Mostly if I've just seen a movie or heard an album that's either really good or really bad for the first time. It bores everyone around me a lot. - PositronWildhawk

One of the many reasons I joined... Where else would people listen to my opinion - keycha1n

4 Make Lists About Everything
5 Remix Opinions On Lists
6 Write Blogs About Others' Opinions
7 Comment On Everyone's Opinions

You might hear: "How could you think that that's the best song ever? It sucks." Normal here, but weird and a bit perplexing offline. - PositronWildhawk

8 Thumb Up Comments

"He's a rapist, but also a saint."
*300 people simultaneously throw a thumbs-up*

"I agree with you. Thumb up! " - PositronWildhawk

9 Be Overly Sarcastic

Actually, this would be normal. You'd blend in like a fruit in a smoothie. - PositronWildhawk

Literally I have NO idea what you're talking about. - keycha1n

10 Using Long Username

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11 Put Your Interests On Your Profiles

It tells you about yourself, and it's cool here, but if you say on your passport that you like rock music, it's bizarre. - PositronWildhawk

12 Having More Than A Name/ Profile

Actually, that is pretty creepy even on TheTopTens.

13 Favoriting Your Own Lists
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