Things You Do That You Would Never Admit To

No sex-related or x-rated items, please - items that fall in that category will not be added to the list...

The Top Ten Things You Do That You Would Never Admit To

1 You masturbate

Of course I masturbate. Anyone who says they don't is a liar. It's not a bad thing. It's actually really good for mental health. - raymund2833

LOL, I would not say this to someone esspesialy your relatives - dragon13304

It's funny because the description says no sex related items

I ate a basketball once tee hee - Jackhammer619

2 You imagine that you have sex with your crush

she is sexy and hot and pretty - ronluna

That would be fun

"No sex-related or x-rated items" - this list is full of them.
But some of these...I relate - Elina

3 You pick your nose

And eat it too. What? I always thought it was an immune system power up!

Everyone does that!

4 I farted

I always admit to this

5 You like a person but you are insisting that you hate him or her

I know lots of people doing this they are so bitchy with that guy and they do lots of fantasy about him - ronluna

Yeah it always happen to some people - livinglegend

u cant hide it because u r blushing - ronluna

Do this all the time - Yoshidude

6 Don't wash hands after using the public restroom

I do that and admit it and people do not care except my teacher

*of course, you only race out without washing your hands if no one else is in the restroom..

7 Not only read, but BUY magazines like the National Enquirer

you knbow you have crossed the line when you buy the enquirer, instead of just reading it while you stand in line at the checkout..

8 Watching pornographic films

Duh - raymund2833

9 You drop food on the floor but eat it anyway

One time at lunch, my friend Sydney droped a half eaten oreo on the floor, and before she could pick it up I ate it.

Do that all the time. And I don't care either! - Darrell

I dropped a mike and ike on the patio, then ate it 2 minutes later. I'm fine!

Do it all the time!

10 Addicted to sex

Why would you not tell people that? You never know when you might run onto another sex addict. Then bam! You got yourself a good time. Plus it's better than being addicted to crack.

The Contenders

11 You help yourself to things you need or want at work, or you use the office equipment to take care of personal business

You know what I mean - making photocopies of your tax return at work, or creating your birthday par4ty inviutations on your work computer and making copies of the invitation on their copy machine...

well it is not a big thing too help yourself a little, that will not bring down the company - MatrixGuy

12 You eat a quart of ice cream every night before you go to bed

Honestly, yhou cannot understand why so many people seem to think this is so excessive, so you only do it when you are home alone

13 If you were trying to sell your car, you would not admit to all the things wrong with it
14 You lied
15 You eat the rest of your dinner out of the togo box while you are driving home from the restaurant
16 Being scared of spiders

My friend keeps picking up spiders at school. It creeps me out. The one stayed on his arm all day. *Shudders* - Sugoi

17 Afraid to swim

Must admit, the sea scares me and if I ever got cramp whilst swimming, then I'd pretty much be own'd. - PotBellyPup

18 Take the L / R earphones too seriously

You know you do!

I do this... it is not important but it is at the same time!

19 Drink out of the Koolaid pitcher

okay we all do it once in a while... I anly do it when theres a small amount in the pitcher that I'm able to finish off - wildog47

Pff.. Milk carton, OJ bottle too. A little backwash never killed anyone.

20 I shagged your mother
21 Your favorite band is Jonas Brothers and you're a guy
22 You hit a popular band with bottles, coins, chairs because you're drunk and high

there are so fans that throw things in the band like bottles, tables, chairs, etc. - ronluna

23 Crying

lets face it, everybody crys. But so many people are too proud to admit they cried.

24 You sucked your own blood from a cut

I do this a lot...

25 You pee in the shower

My whole family does this, not just me!

At least you save water. - Pegasister12

Do this all the time - Yoshidude

26 You enjoy wimpy entertainment personalities (Backstreet Boys, Richard Simmons, etc.)
27 You accidentally hit someone's car in the parking lot but take off without leaving a note (if no one else saw you do it)

You feel kinda bad, but not bad enough to go through the hassle of paying for the dent to be fixed

28 You buy soundtracks to movies

If the movie has a good score. Hell yes. LoTR, The Mission, anything by James Horner. So many good scores. Better than 90% of whats on the radio.

29 You are so dumb that you used lots of cheats and walkthrough even if its a very easy game
30 You robbed a place
31 You killed someone

I'm pretty sure you'll have to admit it sometime, if you did this. - funnyuser

32 Tasted your pee

Nasty. I had a dream where I drank my own urine, but then I woke up. Thank god it wasn't real! - Pegasister12

Gross, who would do that?

Ew, this is just gross. - Minecraftcrazy530

WHAT THE - Yoshidude

33 You had a strange sex dream
34 You are gay
35 Wear and use diapers
36 You kissed your dog's mouth

Ok, now that I have done. - Pegasister12

37 You still like to watch shows like Dora the Explorer
38 You used somebody else's toothbrush, but didn't tell them
39 You've had internet sex
40 You have dreams about dating a celebrity


41 You smell your genitals
42 You think a lot in the shower

I do that too. - Pegasister12

43 You have a nickname
44 You have diabetes
45 You hate chocolate
46 You hate ice cream
47 You don't go trick or treating for Halloween
48 You are broke
49 Your parents are divorced
50 Liking a pop song

I like a lot of pop songs!

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