Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Admit to Your Parents When You're Young

The Top Ten

1 You had sex

Nasty - TheAwesomeDude54

2 You went to jail
3 You do drugs
4 You killed people


5 You raped somebody
6 You have a crush on an animal

I used to have a crush on Shining Armor from My Little Pony.

7 You hate your parents


8 You eat poop

OK...that's nasty...

9 You watch porn
10 You're gay

I told my mom I was aromntic once ( which I am, despite being 12 ) and she was all like " no you're not" and I was all like" whatever"

My parents call me gay

This is the only one I could relate to...
I still have yet to come out, haha. - The_Violist

The Contenders

11 Your feelings

It's alright to let your feelings out!

12 Your girlfriend/boyfriend is a demon
13 You failed an exam

Especially if they're Asian

I don't know what I got for my Primary School SATs. (Standard Attainment Tests)
I don't care really its just a stupid exam.

14 You are/got someone pregnant
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