Things You Don't Want to Happen Before Getting On a Roller Coaster


The Top Ten

1 See Someone Fall of Before you Get On.

It's pretty much impossible for that to happen. - RollerCoaster

I would chicken out!

2 See Someone Barf On the Person Behinds Them

Of course I don't want to see this first. It surely deserves its position. - Kiteretsunu

Being sick is a perfectly normal thing to happen on a coaster. - RollerCoaster

3 See Someone Who Has to Go to the Hospital

Again, pretty much impossible for this to happen. Unless they were breaking the park rules, or there was an accident (which is pretty low) then this would happen. - RollerCoaster

4 See Blood All Over Your Seat

No, that's just for the ghost train part. It's glow-in-the-dark! - PositronWildhawk

5 Notice Something Wrong With the Ride That No One Else Sees

I would ask an operator that something's wrong and direct them to it, then they can close the ride and investigate. - RollerCoaster

6 See Someone Missing a Limb

Absolutely impossible to happen on a coaster, unless they were breaking the park rules. Then it's their own fault. - RollerCoaster

7 See Someone Passed Out

It's perfectly fine to pass out. - RollerCoaster

8 Notice That Your Safety Bar Is Too Loose

Most likely, the G forces will keep you in your seat, or you can push it back down. Also, why start the ride when you think the bar is too loose? Ask a ride op and then he'll help you out. - RollerCoaster

Oh... I really hope I never see or experience this. Just awful! - Britgirl

This happens to me a lot on the Zippin Pippin because the bar doesn’t go tight enough for me so I almost fall out on the last seat but it’s still fun!

9 See Someone Fall Out Because There Safety Bar Was to Loose

Nope. Pretty impossible. - RollerCoaster

10 See Some One Pass Out While Getting Off

Passing out is perfectly fine. - RollerCoaster

The Contenders

11 Get Hit In the Head With a Random Screw That Came Off the Ride

Very unlikely for this to happen. - RollerCoaster

12 The ride breaks down

The ONLY option I can even slightly agree with. - RollerCoaster

It’s especially horrible if it breaks down while you’re on the top or on a loop,

13 See Someone Carry a Gun and Point at the Other Riders
14 Seeing Someone Throw a Bomb on the Ride
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