Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear Your Gynecologist Say


The Top Ten

1 You ever feel that urge to eat something, just because it's there in front of you?

Cannabis 101...I mean Cannibalism 101. - AlphaQ

With food. - Cyri

2 Oh man, my arm is stuck. *muffled voice* Oh, and now so is my head.

Guess you'll have to 127 Hours your way out of that one bro. - PositronWildhawk

3 I love this level of intimacy, how about you?

Get the hell out of there!

4 Hold on, I seem to have lost my pet snake.
5 I recently lost my virginity, can I have yours?

Get out.

No a gurlll took mine fam - AlphaQ

6 Ever seen a hippo yawn? That's what it looks like in here.
7 Stay put, I'll just get the bolt cutters and the car jack.
8 Is it supposed to bleed this much?
9 I see you've let down your hair, Rapunzel.
10 And that, kids, is how you make babies.
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