Top Ten Things You Hate that Happen to You at School


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1 Walking in a hall way and getting in front of someone and not knowing which side to go so you two just keep on going on the same side for a long time

I find it kind of annoying and a bit embarrassing when this happens to me when I'm in a rush to get to class. But if it's other circumstances, I find it funny and giggle the whole time while the person and I just keep bumping into one another. - Supernatural

Very descriptive, I see you planned this first one out. - Merilille

This happens with me almost everyday - it happened today as well - Ananya

2 Getting bullied
3 Having people stalk you

I have observed that one student was doing this, I kept my cool and told him to stop this or I'll punch him in the face - he actually stopped haha - Ananya

My high school special ed teacher CONSTANTLY does this >:(

4 Getting teamed up with one of the most nastiest people in your school


this is me all the time but not with the nastiest people just ovarly annoying people! - leafstar

5 Being left out in groups
6 Getting lost on a field trip
7 Getting near someone you are shy to talk to
8 Getting near someone that is shy to talk to you
9 When you pee your pants
10 When everyone laughs at you

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11 Getting homework

I actually thought home work was cool in 2nd grade! - leafstar

12 Forgetting your lunch
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