Top 10 Things You Hear When You Listen to Hansi Kürsch

The Top Ten

1 Unmatched Passion

His passion is definitely matched, but still the main thing I hear! - --ChadBlake--

2 Implosion of Divine Perfection In My Ears
3 Explosion of Vocal Power
4 Immense Aggression
5 Overwhelming Emotion In Every Word

Such emotion in his voice! - --EkalbDahc--

6 Demon and Angel
7 Irresistible Soulfulness

He can make even stones cry.
Demons & Wizards - Fiddler on the Green, My Last Sunrise, Down where I am, Path Of Glory, Love's Tragedy Asunder

Blind Guardian - Thorn, Lord Of The Rings, A Past and Future Secret, Noldor - Metal_Treasure

8 Tonal Versatility

He sounds different even within one song. I call him a vocal chameleon because he's got at least 20 different voices.
Actually he's the most versatile singer I've ever heard. He literally can sing everything from thrash to symphonic metal, to retro romantic songs from the 30s, and sound amazing.

This cover blew my mind because this song is so atypical for him but he killed it:
Blind Guardian - Dream a little dream of me (cover) - Metal_Treasure

9 Incredible Warmness
10 Exactly What I Need to Hear
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