Top Ten Things You Hope a Girl Doesn't Say When You Give Her Flowers

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OH NO! I'M SO SORRY! - MarioMaster101

I'm allergic

Pollen allergies suck. Trust me. - Cyri

Ughh I hate you, you gave me the wrong plant

No, I got the wrong girl. - Cyri

Ungrateful People: Season 1 Episode 1. - MarioMaster101

A big should think twice before he gives a nice flower to his girlfriend!

I would slap that b*tch in her ugly, ungrateful face. - RoseWeasley

Thank you but no thank you
Daddy/Mommy kill him he gave me an ugly plant

Why would you be with this girl? - RoseWeasley

RIP Boyfriend - Death by Ugly Flowers

I prey I don't die by keeping this plant
I said a flower not a monster

A lot of women can't even appreciate that their boyfriends, fiances or spouses are giving them flowers. They expect their man to give them flowers, but as soon as a man give flowers to his lady lover, they refuse by making little things into a big deal.

I hate you

That is why I never give flowers to a girl. This is probably the answer i’ll get. I have some trust issues with girls in real life that’s why.

I'm happy
I have to go to the restroom
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This is a generic gift
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