To Ten Things You Hope Will Happen to You In the Future


The Top Ten

1 Get Married

It would be nice if I get married after have kids in later of my life


I refuse to get marry and have kids.

2 Get a Job
3 Get a House

It would be nice to own a house so that you know you have some certainty in your life. Having to make rent every month can be difficult and frightening if you not able to. Homeless shelters are not good. Once you're in such a situation, it's very difficult to get back.

4 Have Children


5 Live to Be Old
6 Always Have People There for You

This is what makes life worth living! - keycha1n

7 Get Lots of Money
8 Become a Pro Athlete
9 Become a Musician
10 Be Looked Up To

The Contenders

11 Be Rich
12 Have a Farm

I will have a farm in spring 2019

13 Own a Dog
14 Be a Writer

My dream, and maybe a few of yours. - Cyri

That's my dream!

15 Be Immortal

Still wishing

16 Be a Rockstar

Sure. Rock and roll.

It would be cool to be one.

17 Have a Guinea Pig
18 Become a MLG Gamer
19 Become President of Your Country
20 Have a Zoo

I would love this since I would be rich and be popular. - DinoLover4242

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1. Always Have People There for You
2. Live to Be Old
3. Get a Job
1. Get Married
2. Get a Job
3. Get a House
1. Always Have People There for You
2. Be Looked Up To
3. Live to Be Old


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