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1 Their Sense of Humour

She's funny in her own kind of way! This girl I love can tickle my funny bone in many different forms of humour - Curti2594

Nah, their sense of humour's a cliche, no matter how sarcastic or ironic. - PositronWildhawk

He always does this funny helium voice that makes me and everyone else laugh. Too bad he is only a crush. - Pegasister12

My crush is so funny - Popsicles

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2 Their Intelligence

I'm terribly weak for guys and gals that possess a lot of knowledge about history and science. Drop a fact about quantum mechanics or the Russian Revolution, and I'll be following you around like a lost puppy. - prussian

There different ways to describe the intelligence of a loved one cause it could also be that they know what to do and when to do it. or they understand the topics the other talks aboot.

The girl I love is both smart and very intelligence with awareness - Curti2594

I hate to be that guy, but my date is one of the smartest people I've known. - PetSounds

It's ecspecially fun when you somehow beat them in a friendly competition that involves brains (Hangman, for example)

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3 The Fact They Love You Too

What could be better than mutual love? Tina, I love this list but most of all I love you! - keyson

Yeah well, I thought she did. But apparently not enough. I've had a crappy love life. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I wish... Well... Never mind - Chaotixhero

THAT makes the tie in love, you love her (or him) and he (or she) loves you

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4 Their Looks

UM, my boy crush is not shy, but he is a hot eleven-year-old (I'm eleven too) that I don't go to school with (I'm homeschooled; he attends private school) but do play sports with--like running. He's an angel. He's got these bluish-grayish eyes, fair skin, dirty blond hair, and a great body frame. He's a bit better than me in running, but I've been running for less time than he has. He is cute, so nice, and talks to me a lot. He doesn't know that I have a HUGE crush on him, but I kind of think he has a crush on me. I took a lot of crush quizzes and all of them came back positive--he likes me. But you can't really depend on technology intelligence for that kind of thing, can you? I don't know. Again, I'm a middle school girl. He compliments me a lot, helps me a lot, and pushes me a lot. WHAT CAN BE BETTER? He's also a Christian, like me. His eyes make me feel like he's looking into my soul--an amazing, but creepy, feeling. I love that feeling, though. He is popular, but that's not at ...more

My crush is HANDSOME! I used to be lesbian, he made me bi! Today, my friend called him Justin Bieber, and I was like heck ya! Oh god what if my crush is on here? Oh well, have a great day if you are on here! - AnnaO

I'm a girl I am very shy but I opened up I love to sing and I'm good at math and reading...

It's kinda the first thing you notice about them, so yeah... - Popsicles

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5 Their Shyness

I'm shy, and that's one of my best qualities. One of my friends (I use that term loosely; she calls me her friend but I don't do the same, as I hate her, ) hates my shyness and wants me to be confident and more like her. She's the correct term for a female dog. I hate her and I'm trying to avoid her at school. Succeeding so far. :D - Wolftail

If we are both shy that is a challenge but it also make you feel like a champion when they open up - Curti2594

Who doesn't love shy people? I like shy girls... they cute - Chaotixhero

Shy guys are everything. Forget looks for now. Initially what matters is personality. Oh did I mention, shyness is the new sexy

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6 Their Patience

Patience is key when your in my situation with the one I crush on! - Curti2594

7 Their Willingness To Please

When they know the things you like and then bring them up in a conversation its cool! Making the other happy is always good! - Curti2594

8 Their Eyes

His eyes are so beautiful when I caught him looking at me in class I looked at him with his blue eyes that are like the ocean

The Girl I love has the 2 most beautiful eyes I've ever set my own eyes on! - Curti2594

9 Their Popularity

I like hanging out with lonely, smart kids, not the annoying popular ones.

10 Their Friendship

I do love this, but now somebody STOLE HER FROM ME! I NEED LOVE TOO! Just you wait, man. Oh, what I'm gonna do to get her back... - Garythesnail

The one I love is a great Friend to me and I cherish our Bond so much! - Curti2594

My boyfriend has been my best friend for two years. :D We only stated dating a couple of weeks ago. - Wolftail

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11 They Enjoy the Same Things You Do

So Playing Pokemon and playing sports. - MrQuaz680

I would love to watch a James Bond Movie Maraton with any girl. - IronSabbathPriest

By the way, I added this, and it was meant to say "they enjoy the SAME things you do." - IronSabbathPriest

12 Their Sexuality

She's like a beast in bed!


13 Their Smile
14 Their Hair

One of the things that first got me to my "ex" crush (I can't get over him) - MLPFan

15 Their Charm
16 Their Insults Directed at You

How is an insult romantic? It's not!

17 They're Filled With Determination
18 Their Words
19 Their Sympathy
20 Their Voice
21 Their Nose
22 The Way They Chat With You
23 They Can Make You Smile Just by Thinking About Them
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1. Their Sense of Humour
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