Top Ten Things You May Be Feeling Right Now


The Top Ten

1 Tired

It's bedtime! - Userguy44

2 Boredom


3 Excitement
4 Sadness

This happens a lot when I get in my moods of reminiscing and missing😕

5 Hunger

True! Waiting for my breakfast! - Metal_Treasure

6 Pain in Your Upper Back

It’s mostly lower back at the moment, but you know what, upper back will probably start hurting in a little while anyway. So, altogether pretty accurate guess.

How did you know...?

7 Happiness
8 Regret

Yeah I still regret not talking to my crush this weekend except for one quick hi. And even worse I’m not gonna see him again for a couple months yet

9 Thirst
10 Stupid

Help I'm so stupid

The Contenders

11 Depression


12 Nostalgic
13 Pain

It does not have to be at a specific body part. It could be your hand, your feet, your head or even your private parts. Understand?

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